KWIPPED Supplier Showcase: Trace Medical


Founded in 2004, Trace Medical has grown to become a national supplier of ventilator rentals. The company was created to provide an economic, reputable solution in an industry that was largely unsupported. Trace’s goals in the beginning were simple – offer ventilator solutions to customers at competitive rates, while delivering an outstanding customer experience.

Trace Medical began in the garage of cofounder Rhon Parnell. Together, Rhon and Carl Reid have grown the company into a national provider that continues to expand into new markets. The most recent initiative for Trace has been entry into the long-term care, long-term acute care and hospice sectors.

Today, Trace Medical works with three partners, with over 50 years of experience in the medical industry, and intends to be known as the industry leader in ventilation within post-acute care settings within five years.

Key factors in Trace Medical’s success include three elements:

  1. Superior customer experience—Customers appreciate Trace’s reliable and attentive partnership approach.

  2. Competitive pricing—Trace Medical can offer ventilator solutions in a way that helps ensure partners are able to bolster profitability while maximizing clinical resources and performance.

  3. Cutting edge devices—Trace’s product pool consists of devices that offer the latest technologies and advancements—and obsolete ventilators are phased out immediately. This is a marked difference from other firms, which frequently charge the same or more for obsolete machines that deliver reduced effectiveness and results for clients.

In addition to offering superior ventilator options, Trace Medical’s dedication to customer service also sets them apart from competitors. The company does not use an answering service—all calls are answered by actual employees that truly care about delivering the highest level of personal service to each and every customer.

With over 12 years of experience, Trace Medical looks forward to serving its valued customers for decades more, always with a commitment to excellence, affordability and compassionate service.