KWIPPED Supplier Showcase: Somerset Power Systems


Somerset Power Systems was founded 30 years ago, and has remained an industry leader ever since. The company’s motto is, “We service the service industry”, and they stand behind that with power backup solutions to fit a very broad range of needs, from data centers to hospitals to emergency services – wherever backup power is absolutely crucial.

Somerset Power Systems buys, sells, and rents uninterruptable power supplies (UPS), battery back-up systems and more. The company offers both new and refurbished backup power systems, and it came as something of a surprise to them when first entering the UPS sector that most of their customers never realized that it was even possible to purchase a reliable refurbished system.

The key to Somerset Power Systems’ success starts with providing the highest quality solutions to customers who absolutely require backup power at all times. Additionally, they have a unique ability to save those customers a significant amount of money with the same warranty coverage as competitors, but higher quality service.

In fact, Somerset Power Systems has grown significantly over the years. Today, they operate out of a new 30,000 square foot facility that includes state of the art power load banking systems, as well as a depot repair and testing facility, and a state of the art paint booth.

One factor that has led directly to Somerset Power Systems being positioned as an industry leader is the fact that not only do they supply parts, modules and systems to service organizations worldwide, but they configure all quotes based on specific customer requirements. They are also able to speak directly with engineers and electrical contractors to ensure that the right type of UPS equipment is chosen. Customization is the rule – there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all UPS system.

It is a privilege to have Somerset Power Systems as valuable member of the KWIPPED network.