Honoring Some Unsung Heroes

There’s a group of greatly under appreciated heroes in this world, and I want to bring a little attention and awareness to them now.

But, before I identify them, here’s a list of just a small fraction of their incredible accomplishments. Collectively, this group of heroes has:

  • Saved millions upon millions of lives all over the world

  • Uncovered the cure for many diseases

  • Built the world’s most incredible man-made structures

  • Reached the farthest distances, the highest heights, the fastest speeds and the deepest depths known to man

  • Measured and mapped the entire world

  • Generated and distributed the world’s energy

  • Enabled an unprecedented level of worldwide connectivity and communications

  • Empowered almost every scientific discovery and technological advancement known to man

  • Prepared the most delicious meals ever eaten

  • Provided and/or enhanced award-winning entertainment across every medium, channel and genre

  • Lead the launches and growth of virtually every major business in the world

In fact, these unsung heroes are such an integral part of our work, our lives, and our world, that we often forget about them altogether. The heroes I’m talking about are generically called EQUIPMENT.

Absolutely, we should honor doctors and other health care providers for the incredibly important work they do; but how effective would they be if there were no c-arms, defibrillators, patient monitors, imaging machines or other medical equipment?

Scientists should be recognized for amazing new discoveries that solve serious problems, but take away microscopes, centrifuges, autoclaves, freezers and all their lab equipment and we’d be instantly hurled back into the dark ages.

Cities around the world display fantastic skylines, but without cranes, trucks, lifts and other heavy equipment, they simply could not exist.

From advanced aerospace vehicles to deep diving submarines, without equipment we would have maxed out our ability to explore long ago and we’d know almost nothing about the world in which we live.

Without equipment we’d still have to light fires to cook food and stay warm, and our communications would be limited to the volume of our voices or the speed of our horses.

Yes, it’s easy to overlook the critical role that equipment has played in the evolving history of mankind; and there’s no way we could even begin to imagine what our world would be like without equipment.

So, I challenge everyone that reads this short post to take a moment and contemplate what your job and your life would be like if there was no such thing as equipment. Would your job even be possible?

Please, give a quick shout out to the heroic piece or pieces of equipment that make your job easier (or even possible); and tell us why the equipment is so important – what does it enable you to do? And the next time you’re relying on equipment to get your job done, give it little pat on the back and say, “Thank You Equipment.”

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