Hartford Technology Rental, Nation-Wide Technology Rental Company, Joins the KWIPPED Supplier Network

Wilmington, NC; May 13, 2015 –Hartford Technology Rental @HartfordRents, a nation-wide technology rental company, has joined the KWIPPED supplier network (@KWIPPED_com). Hartford Technology Rental has four locations in Chicago, Washington DC, New York, and Los Angeles. Since 1991 Hartford Technology Rental has been providing top of the line customer service to a range of clientele, including Deliotte & Touche, IBM, Lenovo US, Siemens USA, the US Navy and Army, among others.  As a KWIPPED supplier they rent tablets, monitors, smart phones, and more throughout the United States. They also have multiple RentNow equipment available for immediate rental including Apple iPad Minis 16G, MS Surface Pros 3 i5 128GLenovo ThinkPad T410 Notebooks, and Apple iPhone 6s with 2G Verizon data, unlimited voice and text. Hartford Technology Rental’s expansive inventory combined with expert customer service make them a great addition to the  KWIPPED supplier network.


KWIPPED, Inc. develops and maintains the world’s first comprehensive B2B online rental marketplace. KWIPPED technology streamlines sourcing from a global network of equipment rental suppliers and reduces risk, assures quality and facilitates trusted relationships between renters and suppliers.   The Company aims to maintain a trusted marketplace for professionals to locate, discover and rent specialized equipment for commercial applications.   Established in 2014, KWIPPED’s worldwide headquarters is located in Wilmington, NC. For more information, call 800.273.8404 or visit KWIPPED.com.