Featured Supplier: Scientific Calibration

Scientific Calibration was founded in 1996 to provide lab equipment calibration, repair, validation and qualification services. Originally named Einstein’s Garage, they partnered with Fisher Scientific, which became a catalyst for the company’s evolution and growth.

The company initially served both bio-tech firms and the pharmaceutical industry, and offered extensive equipment knowledge and expertise. It took very little time for Scientific Calibration to begin buying and selling refurbished equipment and offering new equipment distribution in addition to their core calibration services. They’re ISO 17025:2005 accredited, PJLA certified, Corning certified, Sanyo certified and Thermo certified, in addition to holding a broad range of other credentials.

Over the years, Scientific Calibration has grown to become a leader in the industry, and represents manufacturers like Wheaton and Thermo Scientific. Over time, Scientific Calibration realized that under certain circumstances clients preferred to rent equipment rather than purchase it outright. Renting makes a great deal of sense for firms that only need minimal or temporary access to equipment and technology. However, dedicating the time and resources necessary to manage a full-scale lab equipment rental business was simply too much in addition to providing the company’s other services, which is where KWIPPED came in. KWIPPED’s equipment rental marketplace platform provided an efficient, hassle-free channel for renting out idle inventory. In fact, Scientific Calibration is one of KWIPPED’s most active and successful lab equipment suppliers. As a result of their growth, Scientific Calibration now serves a very broad range of industries, including:

  • Life sciences
  • Cryogenics
  • Laboratories
  • Universities
  • Clinical
  • Chemical
  • Veterinary
  • Research
  • Medical

Today, Scientific Calibration continues to grow, delivering an outstanding experience to customers whether they are buying new equipment, having existing equipment calibrated or repaired, or renting their equipment.

The company also remains committed to their employees and believes that appreciating staff is the best way to invest in the company. Happy employees ensure a successful, growing business, after all. Of course, Scientific Calibration is also completely committed to providing the highest quality customer service and the utmost in terms of customer satisfaction and support at all times.



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