Featured Supplier: EMIT

Foemitllcunded in 2014, Emit is the brainchild of cofounders Neal Magdefrau, a Ph.D. with experience in materials engineering, as well as high end optics equipment, and Michelle Veilleux, who has a background in computer science, web development, graphic design and marketing. Emit’s (Electron Microscopy Innovative Technologies) goal is to offer powerful scanning electron microscopes to all technology companies, regardless of the firm’s budget or size. Currently, most smaller tech firms struggle to afford time or access to these microscopes for even a single day. Emit plans to level the playing field and offers prices up to five times less than the competition.


Emit started with just one microscope, which cost the business over $100,000. Within just a single year, they’ve doubled their capacity and are offering two systems for rent. They’ve also discovered that while many companies appreciate monthly or weekly rentals, there are many that prefer daily options.

The vision for Emit’s future is bold – the company plans to continue broadening their offerings and providing services t


hat prior to Emit’s inception were nonexistent. Ultimately, they plan to offer not just monthly, weekly or daily services, but even hourly services for firms who want to outsource sample running. Of course, they’ll maintain their outstanding commitment to customer service and satisfaction, honesty, professionalism and timely delivery.

While Emit might be a new firm, they take their responsibility to the community very seriously. STEM education is absolutely critical to the future of the planet, and Emit’s founders routinely volunteer their time at local elementary, middle and high schools to show students how “cool” STEM can truly be (and, of course, they bring along their electron microscope). For Emit, it’s about more than just encouraging kids to choose careers in STEM – it’s about creating memories they can look back on and say, “That’s the day I decided to become a scientist”.