Featured Supplier: Advanced A/V Rentals

Advanced A:V Rentals

Founded in 1991, Advanced A/V Rentals offers an extensive inventory of audio and visual equipment, projectors and lighting, as well as full service technicians and production personnel. The company’s founder spent several years working as a banquet captain in a convention hotel and scrambling to cover last minute audio/visual requests from clients. In attempting to fulfill those requests, he found that many of the A/V suppliers in the surrounding area simply did not have the equipment, or even the desire, to assist. From this experience, Advanced A/V Rentals was born.

Over the years, Advanced A/V Rentals has grown exponentially. Originally, the company consisted of the owner, a television and a VCR. Today, they provide event production service to the majority of the Southeast, and supply audio/visual gear to customers across the country. Key to that success is:

  • The company’s ability to act as an extension of a customer’s team, working toward the same goals
  • Direct, ongoing communications with customers, including with key decision makers and even the business owner
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees or service charges – the price quoted is the price the customer pays (a real differentiator in the A/V industry).

Simply put, when a customer does business with Advanced A/V Rentals, they can expect above the industry standard quality of service at below the industry standard price points.

Advanced A/V Rentals focuses on two key areas – rentals and production. In the rentals area, they are focusing on continued growth as a nationally recognized leader in supplying advanced technologies. One of the tactics they are using to accomplish this is leveraging innovative online platforms, such as KWIPPED. In production, the company is focusing on gaining market share in the larger markets that surround their home base of Savannah, Georgia.

KWIPPED is committed to delivering the highest quality equipment rental experience by partnering with exceptional equipment suppliers, like Advanced A/V Rentals.