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We even know what a rental warehouse looks like!

I just got out of a meeting with our Chief Marketing Officer to decide what we should write about in our blog.  We had three ideas to choose from:  1.) A blog for renters that offered tidbits, news and information about their industry.  2) A blog for the business and up-start community documenting our  efforts as a start-up.  3.)  A blog for equipment rental companies.

The decision was easy… we chose option 3.  The reason we chose option 3 is because we have run an equipment rental company.   We have experienced the challenges of managing a rental business, we understand the economic levers of the business model and we have built relationships with similar customers.  We have asked ourselves: When do we buy more rental inventory?  How do we qualify a rental customer?  Do we need product insurance?  When deciding what we should offer of value, without question it should be something we understand and understand well.

Therefore, this blog is maintained for those in the business of renting equipment.  Whether you rent equipment exclusively or it’s only a small part of your business, we intend to offer tips, share experiences, discuss issues and introduce others who can help you with your business.  We will advocate for the equipment rental industry and by using the almighty pen (or in this case WordPress) we intend to organize and serve a vibrant community of equipment rental business professionals.

I hope you will join our community.  If you haven’t done so already, fill out the form to the right so you can be first to know when we post to this blog.

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