4 Technologies your Convention Center Needs Now

Keeping your convention center’s technology up to date can be difference between big event bookings and underutilization.With virtual meetings being predicted to grow by over 10% by 2020, your convention center needs to update its equipment to stay with current trends. Fast Internet access, instant connectivity, and high-end visual displays are crucial to attracting new customers. Here are 4 top technology tools your convention center needs to attract and keep clients.

das 1) Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

Does your convention center wireless need help? One of the top complaints for many convention centers is Internet that is slow and inconsistent. Implementing a Distributed Antenna System is a fast and fool-proof way of ensuring a quality online experience for your visitors. The DAS system is a network of antenna nodes that connect wireless service within a single geographical area.


2) Live Streaming Technology

Periscope has brought live streaming to a new level accessibility. More and more people are using live streaming technologies on a daily basis – and they expect it for events. Many companies have leveraged live stream tech for events such as weddings, recitals, competitions and other gatherings. If your conference center hasn’t explored live streaming, finding a solution is not as difficult as you think. Many audio-visual or videography companies are offering this service. Partnering with an AV company at first is good way to learn what types of equipment and technology are best suited for your facility and how to use it for optimum results. Once you’ve identified the proper technology and learned how to use it effectively, you should consider purchasing your own solution. Something to keep in mind – live streaming technology requires a considerable amount of bandwidth.


smartboard for conference technology3) Smartboards/Rear Projector Screens

Printed program books are becoming less popular. Some argue that paper will never go out of fashion, but the event app market, which has grown rapidly in the industry, suggests otherwise. The need for smart boards, white boards, and touch screen displays has expanded quickly in the past 5 years. Take for example, Duke’s convention center, the R. David Thomas Executive Conference Center, which has implemented advanced telecommunications technologies, including Mimio boards that capture images and markings from each person’s desk. The center is strategically equipped with multiple smart boards and rear projector boards. As with live streaming, renting before buying is a smart way to experiment with different solutions before making a large financial investment.


4) Digital Marketing

Over 97% of consumers use online media to shop locally. If your convention center isn’t advertising digitally – either on search engines or social media networks – put everything down and get to work now. Digital marketing is the #1 technology (and marketing strategy) your convention center should be using on a daily basis.



What technology is your convention center using to attract customers? Comment below.




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