3 Safety Tips for Your Business During Halloween


Keeping your business, staff and customers safe during Halloween may be an afterthought, but whether you run a busy haunted house or just hosting a company Halloween party, it’s better to be safe than to be sorry. Here are three simple ways to keep your Halloween festivities from getting seriously scary by keeping them safe.

1. Keep walkways well lit

lighting business safety tipsIf you have any entrances, parking lots, indoor or outdoor areas that are dimly lit, consider purchasing or renting additional lighting. One of the major contributors to Halloween accidents is the lack of sufficient lighting. Regardless of whether your festivities will be inside or outside, including extra “mood” lighting, typically called wash lighting, could prevent falls while adding an extra touch to your event. Different types of lighting available to rent from most vendors include:

  • Lanterns
  • Chandeliers
  • LED lights
  • Color Wash lighting

If your event is outdoors, such as a haunted house or corn maze, having light towers around parking or entrance areas is extremely important.


2. Have medical kits or equipment on hand

icon-redcrossIf you don’t have a current medical kit readily available, Halloween is a great time to take inventory of what needs to be replaced. The Red Cross has an excellent guideline for what type of supplies should be included in your kit. Medical kits are always good to have on hand, but if you’re planning an extra-ghoulish event, having professional medical equipment is a must.

For example, a defibrillator is a great medical device to have nearby. In case one of your trick-or-treaters (young or old) scares easy, having a defibrillator and someone with working knowledge of how to use it can be the difference between life or death. According to the American Red Cross, defibrillators save over 50,000 lives every year.



safety tips for halloween3. Have clear signs displayed around your property

During Halloween there are twice as many deaths caused by cars hitting pedestrians. Children are often the unfortunate victims in this statistic, with 12-15 year olds being the most at risk. An easy way to prevent pedestrians being struck around your business is to have clear signage around walkways and entrances. A few tips to consider when finding the best fit for signs around your area:

  • Make sure your signs are either lit or they are reflective
  • The signs should be large enough to see from a safe distance
  • Use reflective traffic cones to protect walkways

If you have outdoor activities in dim lit areas, you might consider having a few staff members on hand who can walk the boundaries of your property.


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