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KWIPPED Named NC Tech Awards Finalist

KWIPPED is honored and excited to be selected as a finalist for the NC Tech Awards. Click below to see the complete list of finalists.

KWIPPED Featured in Business North Carolina

KWIPPED has received a lot of coverage in the news regarding our trip to Silicon Valley to pitch to investors at the SVOD Conference! Click here to read more from Business North Carolina!  

28 Most Inspiring Management Quotes

Our CMO chimes in with one of his favorite Inspiring Management Quotes in another article. Read the list (and check out #6):

Our CMO did a great interview for a guest blog post on the website. Find out how KWIPPED’s technology and online marketplace model is a disruptive force in several B2B industries. Click here to read the article

Honoring Some Unsung Heroes

There’s a group of greatly under appreciated heroes in this world, and I want to bring a little attention and awareness to them now. But, before I identify them, here’s a list of just a small fraction of their incredible…[Read More]

The Sounds of Startup Success

This post is more fun to read when you listen to the audio, so set your volume or use headphones accordingly. Let’s rock… Our tech startup works in a one room, open office environment, where we can all see and hear…[Read More]

Healthy Hiring (of Equipment)

Our CMO, Robin Salter, had the privilege of co-authoring (along with Valere Horath, CEO of Quipment) this compelling article exploring best practices for procuring equipment for clinical trials. Read the article by clicking on the title here: Healthy Hiring To check out the contents…[Read More]