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Smarter Equipment Financing

Submit one application and receive multiple finance offers from top lenders that compete to earn your business.
APPROVE will analyze your application and route it to the best lenders - up to 3 may work your application at a time.
APPROVE lenders know they are competing, so they are motivated to work quickly and present their best offers.
You’ll receive multiple offers from up to 3 competing lenders. Choose the best one and get your equipment.

Why is this a smarter way to finance?

More lenders offers the best approval chances
Competition drives lenders' lowest rates
Choices make informed decisions easy

Frequently Asked Questions

How many lenders receive my application?
APPROVE's large network of lenders is constantly growing, however, our technology matches your application with only those lenders most likely to offer the best rates. Our goal is to deliver the best 3 finance offers for you to compare.
How does this affect my credit?
There is no impact to your personal credit, unless a personal guarantee is required. Personal guarantees will have an inquiry on their credit by some lenders. Because these credit inquiries happen in a short timeframe, and for the same products, credit bureaus recognize them as part of a normal shopping process and will view them as a single credit inquiry by lenders.
How long does the application process take?
Established businesses with strong commerical credit can be approved instantly. If lenders need additional information from you, the quicker you provide the required information the sooner a decision will be made. It's not unusual for decisions to be made within hours, once the necessary information has been gathered.
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