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Considerations when renting or leasing a pole trailer
A pole trailer is a relatively simple but important device often used in the power utility field. These types of trailers are typically used for pole construction, as well as electrical utility. They can also be used during maintenance and replacement work, and they are common in the telecommunications field.

This type of trailer is secured to a vehicle that will tow it. They are typically used for transporting poles and other irregular type of logs. For example, they have been used to tow beams for construction sites. They are useful for a range of industries, but they tend to be the most common in the power and utility field.
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Brooks PTB111-15KE 15,000# Single Axle

Brooks PTB111-15KE  Pole Trailer ...
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Brindle PMT132 Pole/Material Trailer

Pole/Material Trailers Provides a range of capacities and lifting options.   ...
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Butler BPD150 13000# SINGLE AXLE

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Fontaine 4880 80,000# Stretch Flatbed

The 48-80’ Extendable Flatbed Trailer is perfectly suited for heavy loads both long and short hauls. Fabricated steel I-beams are manufactured using the latest and most efficient processes to gi ...
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Brindle PT30T 30000# TANDEM AXLE

Brindle PT30T Extendable Pole/Material Trailer ...
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Brooks PTB112-15KE 30,000# Tandem Axle

Brooks PTB112-15KE  Pole Trailer ...
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Brindle PT15T 15000# SINGLE AXLE

 Brindle PT15T Pole Trailer ...
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Butler BPHD1500 15,000# Single Axle

Butler BPHD1500 Extendable Pole Trailer ...
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Brooks PT122-7K Pole/Material Trailer

Brooks PT122-7K is used for transporting long or irregular loads, generally capable of sustaining themselves as beams between the towing vehicleand the trailer. ...
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Condux 08763230-1 WDR505 HYD Cable Puller Trailer w Compressor & ECB

Condux 08763230-1 WDR505 Hydraulic Cable Puller Trailer W Compressor & Electronic Control Box The Condux/Tesmec WDR505 Hydraulic Underground Cable Pulling Trailer Provides up to 9,000 lbs. of&n ...
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Brooks Brothers Pole Trailer PTB112

Over the course of our 35 year history in the trailer manufacturing industry, Brooks Brothers has become a leading trailer manufacturer that utility and construction professionals turn to for their eq ...
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Features of pole trailers

A pole trailer has some very basic features. They will have wheels, as well as a platform area, naturally. However, some may have additional features. For example, they may have attached toolboxes. They will vary in size – both the length and the width – substantially. Some of the trailers are adjustable. Some may expand from 19 feet long to 28 feet long. This can be beneficial for those who are going to be hauling different length poles or beams. Different types of trailers will also have different carrying capacities.

The actual design of the trailer can vary substantially as well. Some are relatively flat, others will have sides, and some may have more wheels than others. For example, those that have a larger carrying capacity will often need to have additional wheels to help keep the trailer stable and balance weight properly.

If you are considering renting a pole trailer, you need to consider a wide range of things before making a choice. One of the most important is to think about the size – the length mainly – of the polls or beams you are going to be carrying. You want to make sure that the trailer will be capable of hauling the size you require. You also need to think about the number of poles that can be carried at a single time. Those that have a huge job under way or several people who need to utilize the trailer might want to rent or lease more than one to help finish the job faster and easier.


Pole Trailer Manufacturers

A number of different manufacturers make pole trailers today. Some of the popular options include Butler, Eagle, Elliott, Windsor, and more.

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