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Considerations when renting a overhead cable puller
When you are choosing the overhead cable puller, make sure that you find a rental unit that comes from a high quality and trusted manufacturer. Also consider your use for the device. How much cable do you have to put down, and what is the environment like? Take the time to find a puller that will suit your situation the best. Make sure that the device you choose is strong enough to handle hauling the weight of your particular cable as well.
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Condux Fiber Optic Cable Puller Trailer with Read Out

The fiber optic cable puller is a hydraulic pulling machine designed for fiber optic cable placement. It offers bi - directional pulling and load - sensing capabilities. The system uses a hydraulic mo ...
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Features of overhead cable pullers

There are a number of different types of overhead cable pullers on the market, and they all have very similar appearances and work in much the same way. Some do have smaller grips, and there are some features that are slightly different. Since the basic design of the device has not changed much, it is only natural that they are very similar. One of the biggest differences you will find between pullers is likely the size. Some of the devices are actually quite large, and they can hold several spools of cable at the same time. This can make the job faster. These tend to be on trailers, which make them easier to move, as they are very heavy thanks to the weight of the cable.

How overhead cable pullers work

overhead cable pullerThe cable needs to remain at a certain tension when installed, and the overhead cable pullers make it much easier to get the cable in place and to ensure that it is as the correct tension. Many of the units are on wheels, so it is possible to maneuver the puller into position very quickly and easily. This can make the job of stringing the cable much faster.

About overhead cable pullers

An overhead cable puller helps make it easier for installers of transmission lines on utility poles to string the lines. They are common for cable and telephone lines. Most are familiar with the look of power lines, but never knew there were specialized overhead cable pullers that helped to get the lines up there in the first place. The technology for overhead cable pullers is much the same as it has been for decades. The quality of the devices may have improved, but the basic way that they work is the same.

Overhead Cable Puller Applications

  • Cable
  • Telecommunications
  • Electricity

Overhead Cable Puller Manufacturers

  • Ingersoll Rand
  • Munsch
  • Greenlee
  • Columbus McKinnon

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