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Duct Rod Pusher rentals

Considerations when renting a duct rod pusher

All the pushers work in a similar fashion, but you will find many things that can set one apart from the other. When you are choosing a duct rod pusher, you need to consider the features it offers. Some of the pushers today have an electronic monitoring system. This will measure the speed at which the rod is being pushed, as well as the distance. They will often measure in feet as well as meters.
One of the other things you need to think about when you are choosing the duct rod pusher is the weight. How much does the gram and the power pack weigh, and will you have the capability to move them? Also, make sure it will handle the size of duct rods you need for your job, before you rent. Consider what other elements you will need to rent, as well, such as the duct rodder. Take the time to look at the various features offered on the different pushers and choose the one that will work best for your needs.

Features of duct rod pushers

​A quality powered duct rod pusher will utilize hydraulic power and come with a gas-driven power pack. They will also come with the needed hoses and a steel frame. They can be used on their rack, or they could be removed from the frame and then mounted on trailers or trucks depending on how you need to use them.
They can provide a substantial amount of control, and they are still very strong when compared with the truck-mounted options. They can push and pull with up to 300 pounds of force in many cases. They can move the rods up to 130 feet per minute. This can help to make short work of many jobs.

About duct rod pushers

When you need to push rods through ducts, using a manual method is inefficient and often it will not provide the best quality results. Instead, you will find that using a quality powered rod pusher is a better option. It is easier than manually pushing the rod, and it is a better option than using expensive rodding trucks. One of the other issues of using rodding trucks is the potential damage that it can cause since they are so powerful.

Duct Rod Pusher Manufacturers

Many manufacturers are making these types of tools today, including GMP, CBS Products Limited, FRB, and Condux.

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