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Digger Derrick rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a digger derrick
You will find that you have some great options when it comes to renting a digger derrick. It is important to make sure you are choosing the right option for your needs, though. When you are choosing one of these pieces of equipment, make sure you consider the size and the capabilities. Will it be powerful enough to handle the type of work you need to have done? What features do you need, and is the digger capable of handling them?

Make sure you have someone who can drive it, as mentioned. While the truck might be easy to operate, you will want to have someone who is skilled with the digger derrick behind the wheel for efficiency, as well as for safety. In addition, you might also need to rent or lease a pole utility trailer for the truck if you do not already have one.
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Altec DB35

Sheave height:42 Approx. capacity:2590 Digger reach: 22.6 Additional features Quickly Install the Optional Personnel Platform & Use the Unit as an Aerial Device The DB35 Can Easily Set 50&# ...
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Terex 5052 48-52' 6X4

The Commander 5052 digger derrick offers a TM Winch sheave height of 52.5 ft (16.0 m) and 51.9 ft (15.8 m) of sheave height in the Boom Tip Winch configuration.  Both provide a digging radius ran ...
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Terex 4045

The Commander 4045 digger derrick is available in a TM Winch and a Boom Tip Winch configuration.  It offers up to 45.5 ft (13.9 m) of sheave height in the TM Winch configuration and 44.8 ft (13.7 ...
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Terex 65' General 65' 6x6

The General Series Digger Derricks are ready to take command of your job.  The General 65 is the first model in this series.  The General 65 is a TM Winch digger offering up to 65.1 ft ...
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LiftAll LD47 47' 4X2

47' Sheave Height Lift-All LD-47 Digger Derrick 4X2 ...
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Terex 5048 48-52' 6X4

The Commander 5048 Digger Derrick offers up to 48.6 ft (14.8 m) of sheave height in the TM Winch configuration and 48.0 ft (14.6 m) in the Boom Tip Winch Configuration.    Its digg ...
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Terex 4047 47' 4X4

The Commander 4047 Digger Derrick is one of our most popular digger derricks.  The Commander 4047 offers up to 47.4 ft (14.4 m) of sheave height in the TM Winch configuration and 46.8 ft (14 ...
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Lift All LD47

47' Sheave Height Lift-All LD-47 Digger Derrick ...
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Terex 6060 50-60' 6X6

The Commander 6060 Digger Derrick is ready to help you get your job completed.  This digger derrick offers up to 60 ft (18.3 m) of sheave height and up to 50.3 ft (15.3 M) of horizontal reach.&nb ...
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Terex 4045 42' 4X4

Digger Truck, Terex Telelect Commander 4045 Digger, 26,100 lb Capacity, 3 Sections/ 45 Ft Reach, Upper Captain Control Station, Pole Claws, International DT466 Diesel Engine, 6 Spd Fuller Standard Tra ...
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Terex 4042

The Commander 4042 is the smallest of our digger derrick products offering up to 42.5 ft (13.0 m) of sheave height and up to 32.5 ft (9.9 m) of horizontal reach.  The Commander 4042 is available ...
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Altec 3060 60' 6X4

The D3060 is the work horse of the 60′ derricks.  Offering capacity and sheave height to get the job done when it comes to smaller transmission jobs.  This unit is also available as a ...
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Features of digger derricks

The trucks have hydraulic controls to handle the equipment, and when you have someone skilled working those controls, it has the potential to make the job flow far more smoothly for you.

How digger derricks work

​A digger derrick is a type of truck that is often utilized in the power utility industry. The truck is quite versatile, and it can dig holes and lift heavy items. Those in the power utility field often use these types of trucks to move utility poles, for example. Since the truck has the capability to dig the holes for the poles, it makes it very convenient. The trucks feature a boom, as well as an auger, both of which are powered by the hydraulic system.

About digger derricks

You always want the job done right, and you want to make it as fast and as convenient as possible. The digger derrick, since it is multifunctional, is up to the task. It simply makes more sense to use a single tool rather than several to accomplish the same job.


Digger Derrick Manufacturers

Many companies are making digger derricks today. Some of the manufacturers you might recognize include Pitman, Terex Telelect, Altec, and Lift All. While manufacturer and brand might be important to you, remember to check for all the features and options you need for your rental, as well. You should always choose the best option for the job, but also a brand that you have heard of before.

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