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Coiled Pipe Trailer rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a coiled pipe trailer
If you are in need of a coiled pipe trailer, you should consider the size of the trailer you need for the job. Think about the pipe or cable you will be using, and factor in the weight. Make sure the trailer you choose is capable of holding the weight of the pipe or cable before choosing it. You should also make sure that you have a vehicle that is capable of hauling the trailer available. Though most of the designs and models are similar in the way they work, they can differ a bit in size. Make sure you know the dimensions of the trailer so you can be sure it will work in your site.
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LANE Trailer LCE 0210 Coiled Pipe Trailer

MODEL - LCE 0210 GAWR-10,000 lbs Over All Length - approx 22 ft. Over All Width-102 in. Coil Capacity - 3 in diameter of less  -  -  -  -  - ...
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LANE Trailer LCE 0803 Coiled Pipe Trailer

MODEL - LCE 0803 GAWR-3500 lbs Over All Length - approx 10 ft. Over All Width-102 in. Coil Capacity - 3 in diameter of less  -  -  -  -  -&n ...
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LANE Trailer LCE 0807 Coiled Pipe Trailer

MODEL - LCE 0807 GAWR-7000 lbs Over All Length - approx 10 ft. Over All Width-102 in. Coil Capacity - 3 in diameter of less  -  -  -  -  -&n ...
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LANE Trailer LCP 0807 Coiled Pipe Trailer

MODEL - LCP 0807 GAWR-7,000 lbs Over All Length - approx 14 ft. Over All Width-102 in. Coil Capacity - 4 in diameter or less  -  -  -  -  -& ...
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LANE Trailer LCV 0406 Coiled Pipe Trailer

MODEL -LCV 0406 Over All Length-approx 28 ft. Over All Width-102 in. GAWR- 14,000 lbs. -  -  -  RUNNING GEAR -  -  -   Axles- 7,000 lbs.  Brakes- Ele ...
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Features of coiled pipe trailers

coiled pipe trailerThe trailer has a hitch and wheels, which makes it easy to connect to the back of just about any work truck so you can haul it around the worksite as needed. In addition, it features a simple to use control system that allows the coiled pipe to flow freely from the trailer, or for it to stay in place. The caging system around the pipe, which many of the units have, help to keep anything from happening to it as well.

How coiled pipe trailers work

The coiled pipe trailers work very simply. They have a large metallic spool on them, around which you can wind the coiled pipe. There are control levers that will stop the pipe from unraveling or fee it so your workers can pull it out as they need it. The design of the devices ensures that unwinding the pipe is always smooth and simple, and that it is not going to catch on anything and hold up your work.

About coiled pipe trailers

When you are transporting and using a large amount of coiled pipe and cable, you need to make sure you have a fast, simple, and effective way of getting the pipe to the worksite. One of the best options available is to use a coiled pipe trailer. These trailers are very simple to use, and they are a fantastic way to get the coiled pipe anywhere on your site in no time at all. In addition, the design of these trailers helps to keep the pipe in order and easy to use. There is no chance of it unwinding or unraveling.

Coiled Pipe Trailer Applications

  • Construction
  • Cable and pipe laying
  • Power lines

Coiled Pipe Trailer Manufacturers

  • PLCS
  • Kiefer
  • Sweetwater
  • McElroy

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