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Rent, Lease or Finance Cable Pushers on KWIPPED

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Features of cable pushers

You will find a range of sizes when it comes to cable pushers, as well as different pushing forces on the machines. Some of the machines are adjustable and can take different sized cables.

How cable pushers work

The machines work simply. They utilize an electric motor, which provides power to the pulleys. These pulleys hold the cable and push the cable. Quality pushers will be made from high quality material that is resistant to wear and tear. They feature a panel that allows the operator to start and stop the machine easily.
In the past, it was difficult to push cable underground, particularly if there were any corners. It could take a long time, and it could be laborious work depending on the length and the size of the cable. Today, the cable pushers help to take the hard labor out of the equation. It results in safer work, as well as faster work. It allows teams to take care of more cable in less time. Regardless of the size of your job, this is helpful.

About cable pushers

A cable pusher helps to lay electrical cables and other types of cables. The units can help to make the process faster and easier for a variety of different applications. They utilize a power system, often using an electric motor, that will help to push the cable through underground areas smoothly and without the trouble that can stem from trying to do this manually. Whether it is a large job or a small job, using a quality cable pusher will make the process far more efficient, and there is less chance of causing any damage to the cable.

Cable Pusher Manufacturers

Many companies are making cable pushers today including Condux, SEB International, Terra, FOK, and Marken. Make sure the operators become familiar with the equipment and how to operate it properly before use. This ensures a good experience and safety through the installation process.

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