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Considerations when renting or leasing a cable lasher
You will need to think of the type of job you will be doing when you are choosing cable lashers. How many are needed, and what size do you need to have? Do you need to lash a single cable, or do you need to have a lasher that can handle multiple cables? Also, make sure you know the wire or cable size that you will be using to make sure the lasher you choose is capable of handling it.
You should also consider the type of environment where you will be using the cable lasher before choosing one. For example, those who are working in dusty or wet environments will want to have a lasher that can stand up to those types of conditions. Consider the scope of your job so you can choose appropriately.
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GMP J2B Lasher

The Model J2 Cable Lasher is used to lash a single aerial cable or numerous cables to a supporting strand or to an existing lashed cable with stainless steel lashing wire. J2B In response to custo ...
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GMP G Lasher

The largest of the GMP lashers, this unit is designed to lash large single or combination of aerial cable up to 5in. diameter to a supporting strand. Can be used for new installs or with existing cabl ...
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GMP C Lasher

The C cable lasher is perfect for lashing smaller diameter aerial cables to supporting strand with stainless steel lashing wire. The design is suited for new construction or overlashing up to it's ...
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DCD Eagle Lasher

The Eagle lasher was designed for 21st century cable lashing jobs. Sized to install CATV or Fiber optic cables. It's lightweight, durable and simple. Since it's introduction four years ago, th ...
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DCD K Lasher

The model K pull type handles just about any size lashing job. Use it to single - or double-lash a single cable up to 31/2 outside dimeter and multible cables up to a combined outside diameter of 4 5/ ...
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GMP J2 Lasher

The model J2 cable lasher is used to lash a single aerial cable or numerous cables to a supporting strand or to an existing lashed cable with stainless steel lashing wire. Will lash any single or mult ...
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DCD Linemen 1050

The Lineman 1050 Lasher is the pull type cable lasher for tough jobs, especially in dusty, wet or icy conditions. Use it to lash single or multiple cables up to 3" outside diameter and for single ...
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Features of cable lashers

You will find a wide range of lashers available today. Some of the lashers are relatively small hand lashers. These could be useful for some of the short span types of jobs out there. For example, they are used with installing or repairing traffic lights. They can be used for control cables, as well as aerial inserts. They are commonly used for underground construction, but you will find they can work well for any job that requires variable tension lashers. 

​Not all cable lashers are handheld, naturally. Some of the larger cable lashers are used to lash overhead cables or to route a number of cables to a supporting strand or to another lashed cable.

About cable lashers

Cable lashers can be a huge benefit to many in the power utility field, along with other fields for that matter. They will help to make sure your lines and cables do not get snagged on other items, such as trees, for example. They can reduce the amount of time it takes to transfer the cable, and they can simplify the process of cabling.

Cable Lasher Manufacturers

Many companies today are making these cable lashers. Some of the popular manufacturers include P&H Metal Products Corp., General Machine Products, and Condux International, Inc. Take your time to make sure your cable lasher rentals can perform for your specific needs.

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