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Sync Generator rentals

Considerations when renting a sync generator

Renting the right sync generator will depend on the type of project you are shooting or broadcasting. Consider the number of monitors and pieces of equipment involved, and make sure that the device you are renting will be able to handle the equipment you have and provide quality results. A number of great manufacturers are making these devices today, but they do have some different capabilities and features, so it is important to make sure you understand exactly what the device you are renting can do.

Features of sync generators

One of the nice things about most of the sync generators on the market today is the fact that they are small, which makes them easily portable. They are generally small enough to fit right behind a monitor or a rack, and in some cases, right on the camera rig. Keep in mind that the various makes and models of sync generator available today will vary with their specific features. For example, they may have a different number of outputs. It is always important to know the exact features the sync generator offers before trying to use it in your setup.

How sync generators work

The generator provides the pulses to sync all of the cameras that are filming. It is important for the cameras to operate in the same phase with one another, and the sync generators make this much easier. It is also possible to use one of these generators to deliver a single camera signal to a number of different television monitors at the same time. The goal of the devices is to make signal processing easier across the board.

About sync generators

A sync generator is a type of device that will synchronize the pulses delivered to transmitter equipment, and it is often used as part of television broadcasting, as it makes synching the pulses to the equipment in the studio much easier. Because it is a generator, it actually creates the pulses needed for the synchronization. Timing is essential when it comes to live broadcasts, so these are pieces of equipment that should be a part of every setup.

Sync Generator Applications

  • Production and postproduction
  • Live events

Sync Generator Manufacturers

  • Blackmagic
  • AJA
  • Sierra Video

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