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Pedestal rentals

Considerations when renting a pedestal

When you are shooting film or video, and you need to have a high quality, reliable option that can handle larger cameras, you will want to make sure that you choose a pedestal. It can provide greater support, but make sure that you find the right one for your particular project. What type of shots do you need? What type of camera will you be using for the shoot? Make sure that the device will be able to hold up the weight of the camera, for example. Check to see whether it features wheels or dollies as well, which could allow for a wider variety of shots. All of these different elements are important when you are choosing your tripod or pedestal.

Features of pedestals

Pedestals have features that are very similar to traditional tripods, although they tend to be heavier duty. Some models may have wheels, as well as dollies, which make them more mobile, and that can allow for a number of different types of smooth moving shots. Naturally, different models from various manufacturers may have different features that help to make their products different from the others, but for the most part, the features are the same.

How pedestals work

Because they are essentially tripods, you will find that they work in much the same way. You will mount the camera on top of the pedestal and then shoot. Since they come with dollies in many cases, it is possible to mount the camera to the dollies and create some moving shots as well. This can be a fantastic feature for those who are looking for some added value.

About pedestals

A pedestal is very similar to a tripod in that they have three legs for support. However, they will usually come with a number of other pieces and features, such as dollies so you can get different types of shots. In addition, pedestals are usually of a higher quality and are more durable than a traditional tripod. This means they are able to hold larger loads without the fear of failure. This makes these devices a great choice for those who need durable, quality platforms while making films, video, and television.

Pedestal Applications

  • Various types of video/film products

Pedestal Manufacturers

  • Cartoni
  • Ikan

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