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Intercom rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a intercom
One of the things to consider when you are renting the intercom is whether it comes with headsets. If not, you will need to buy or rent or lease them. Make sure that you have the appropriate amount of headsets, as well as cables, for your intercom. If the headset doesn’t have a microphone, then you may also need to rent or lease or buy them. Think about the scope of your production and how many of these you will need, and then start looking at some of the different options available for rental.
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Clear-Com Tempest 2400 Rental

Tempest 2400 Digital Wireless System (6) Beltpack Kit - $700/day  | $2100/week (6) Beltpacks (6) Headsets (6) Long Life Batteries (1) Base Station Charger (1) Carrying Case ...
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Features of intercoms

film intercom rentalYou can choose a wired or a wireless system based on your needs. Both have their benefits. Many of the units will accommodate between four and eight headsets, and they can work with a number of different types of headsets. They tend to have belt packs with them that will connect the headset. Since production can be rather rigorous, you will find that many of the options are very rugged and durable to accommodate for rough conditions. They usually have simply to use controls for things such as volume as well.

How intercoms work

The intercom can be very beneficial when communicating with the camera operator. The director can speak to the camera operator through one of these intercoms. The camera operators will use headsets connected to the main device. The director will be able to speak into his or her headset and then let the camera operators know what they need to do, such as changing focus and field of view. It works similarly to a walkie-talkie, with the big difference being that those using it do not need to use their hands, and there is no push to talk button. It makes communicating much easier, and you will find these in use on most types of productions today.

About intercoms

An intercom system can be essential for many different types of productions. Film and television productions can make use of these wired and wireless headsets in order to communicate with one another on the set, and in different parts of the set. They are also helpful for live broadcasts, and for theater productions. The goal is to make communication as simple and fast as possible.

Intercom Applications

  • Broadcast TV
  • Film
  • Television
  • Live sports
  • Theater

Intercom Manufacturers

  • B&H
  • Clear-Com
  • Altair

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