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Grip/Lighting rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a grip/lighting
Whether you are on your first film project, or you’ve been at it a long time, it can still be difficult to know just what type of lighting you will need. If you are directing, it is a good idea to speak with your director of photography, along with the grips, to get an idea of what type of lighting you are going to need for each of your scenes. They will be able to give you a better idea of the type of lights you need, as well as how many you will need. If you have a specific manufacturer or product question, a KWIPPED supplier will happily assist you.
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Litegear Litemat 4 BI-color W/ Sand Bag

-1 Litegear Litemat 4 (Hybrid) -1 mounting plate (baby receiver) -1 Hybrid Litedimmer pro (8amp) -1 Power Supply (8amp) -1 12' Hybrid feeder cable -1 Litemat 4 Poly Skirt -1 Magic Cloth -1 ...
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ETC Leko Source 4 Jr. 25-50 Zoom Lights

Compared to many conventional 650W and 1000W ellipsoidal spotlights, Source Four jr's 575 watts still deliver an even brighter light and offer the flexibility of multiple HPL lamp options and inte ...
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20x20 Double Net

Description: Fabric: White Double Scrim Size: 20' x 20' Approx. Light Loss: 1 Stop Webbing Color: White Primary Use: Greater reduction of direct light, but softens effect by intr ...
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12x12 Bleached Muslin

Description: Fabric: Bleached Muslin (Seamless) Size: 12' x 12' (3.7 x 3.7m) Approx. Light Loss: N/A Webbing Color: White Primary Use: Flat white reflector. Can also be used for ...
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Litegear Litemat 1 BI-color w/ Sand Bag

-1 Litegear Litemat 1 (Hybrid) -1 mounting plate (baby receiver) -1 Hybrid Litedimmer pro (8amp) -1 Power Supply (8amp) -1 12' Hybrid feeder cable -1 Litemat 1 Poly Skirt -1 Magic Cloth -1 ...
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20x20 Chroma Bluescreen

Description: The Matthews 20 x 20' Blue/Green Digital Screen is a must for anyone who shoots digital photography. This handy background can be quick-reversed depending on which col ...
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12x12 Ultrabounce

Description: Reversible 12' x 12' Bounce Material, White on one side, Black on other side. Perfect for creating a large soft light source by bouncing lights or reflecting the sun. Grom ...
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12x12 Silver Lame

Description: Matthews makes the Matthews 12x12 ft. Butterfly Overhead Fabric (Silver Lame) out of the best fabric on the market today. Matthews 12'x12' are sized industry-standard a ...
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20x20 Single Net

Description: Reduction of light without altering the pattern or its color temperature. Consists of a single layer of bobbinet fabric. Single scrims are used overhead to reduce sunlight or ambient lig ...
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CUSH Light 2 BI-color w/ Sand Bag

-1 CUSH 2 (Hybrid) -1 mounting plate (baby receiver) -1 CUSH dimmer pro -1 Power Supply  -1 12' Hybrid feeder cable -1 CUSH 4 Poly Skirt -1 Magic Cloth -1 1/2 Grid Cloth -1 1/4 Grid C ...
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12x12 Gold/Silver Checkerboard

Description: Matthews makes 12'x12' Overheads out of the best fabric on the market today. View our fabric specifications page for a quick rundown on the purpose of each fabric. Matthews& ...
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20x20 Solid

Description: Fabric: Solid Scrim Size: 20 x 20  Approx. Light Loss: 100% Webbing Color: Black Primary Use: Blocks 100% of light Safety Characteristics: Flame Retardant ...
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Features of grip/lightings

film lighting and grip rentalWhile there may be some differences, most lights work the same. They have a bulb that offers illumination. The lights could be on posts, mounted to a part of the scenery, or they could be lights that are actually within the shot, such as a lamp. The lighting needs to add to the scene without making it stand out too much.

How grip/lightings work

Light can play a huge role in the look and the tone of your film. You don’t want most comedies to be too dark, and you don’t want a horror movie flooded with light. It takes the special touch of the grip along with the insight of the director to get things just right. Many different types of lighting are available for film, and you will be able to rent or lease them all. Grips will check the placement of the light and make sure that it provides the look that the director is trying to achieve

About grip/lightings

When it comes to the grip and lighting equipment for your next project, you simply can’t skimp. The lighting is one of the most essential parts of the overall look of the film, so you have to pay close attention to what you are using and where you place it. It is always better to have too much lighting, so you can take some away, than to have not enough and shoot a scene that turns out far too dark and muddled. Your grip needs to have the right amount of light for the work.

Grip/Lighting Applications

  • Film
  • Television
  • Video
  • Theater

Grip/Lighting Manufacturers

  • Chimera Lighting
  • Film Gear
  • Lowel Light
  • B&H

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