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Considerations when renting or leasing a visual field
Visual fields are equipped with advanced, computerized features that can detect even the most subtle changes in a patient’s vision. While they are mostly used to diagnose glaucoma, or disprove its existence, visual fields are also used to test a range of other eye functions as well. Visual fields come with the ability to detect retinal diseases such as pigmentosa, as well as any conditions that might affect the optic nerve. Visual fields also include a large screen for the examiner to see the readings in real time. These machines are typically equipped with a chin rest to keep the patient comfortable while the test is going on, as well as a non-invasive way to take readings of the patient’s vision and eye structures.
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Humphrey 740 Visual Field Analyzer w/pwr tbl, printer, keyboard

Information Provided By: GLOBAL DSR Features: Fixation control •Heijl/Krakau blind spot monitor •Video eye monitor •Gaze tracking •Remote video eye monitor capabilit ...
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Humphrey FDT 710 perimeter

The Humphrey FDT Model 710 is ideal for clinics desiring to identify patients in need of ophthalmological referral. It has been clinically validated in more than 170 peer-reviewed publications. ...
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Octopus 500 perimeter

The Octopus 500 EZ perimeter does full field perimetry that can be connected to the PC software PERITREND via serial RS-232 interface. Haag Streit Style ...
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How visual fields work

The visual field testing machines use screeners to look inside of the patient’s eye. Typically, sources of light will help to illuminate the inside of the eyes, allowing the examiner or ophthalmologist to achieve a comprehensive review. There are also capabilities to allow the visual field to detect blind spots, eyelid issues, and damage to the optic nerve. During the exam, the ophthalmologist will ask the patient to cover one eye at a time, while the other eye looks into the machine. The patient will try to describe what they see in the distant field of vision, allowing the examiner to take notes in order to determine how healthy the structures of the eye are. 

About visual fields

Visual fields are a crucial part of an eye exam and are used almost every time a patient comes into the ophthalmologist’s office. The visual field machines are meant to measure the entire range of the patient’s vision, but are also specifically good for catching any abnormalities. These abnormalities could be disease, scotomas, nerve damage, glaucoma, or more. Depending on the patient’s reaction to the images in the machine as well as their description of what they see, the ophthalmologist will be able to easily determine if the patient has any abnormal or damaged structures within the eye. The shape of the eye can easily diagnose a disease or other eye problems, and the examiner will want to get that taken care of right away. 

Visual Field Manufacturers

  • Oculus
  • Damato
  • Henson
  • Humphrey
  • Nanjing Redsun Optical Co., Ltd.
  • And many more

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