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How ophthalmic ultrasounds work

Ophthalmic ultrasounds use either brightness or sound to take a clinical assessment of the ocular area. It uses a unique sound wave that can penetrate through liquid, solid, and flesh to create an accurate reading. This sound wave creates an image that can be seen by both the ophthalmologist and the patient. Typically, optic ultrasounds are quick and painless and can be hugely beneficial in determining what kind of corneal issues are at stake. It can scan a variety of different structures within the eye to determine if there is scarring, tissue damage, melanoma, cataracts, or other ailments within the eye.

In general, there are several principles and techniques of ophthalmic ultrasounds that can help the ophthalmologist quickly and precisely determine the medical condition that may be affecting the eye. That way, the doctor can prescribe the proper treatment without having to worry about a misdiagnosis. 

About ophthalmic ultrasounds

Ophthalmic ultrasounds use high-frequency waves to read the eye. When the waves hit certain structures, they can create an image through the probe in the machine. They are a useful tool for ophthalmologists, as they can help to determine the way the eye is shaped. Using aspects of velocity and reflectivity, ultrasounds can achieve in-depth readings that can’t be accomplished with any other device.

Ophthalmic Ultrasound Manufacturers

  • AAO Technologies
  • Latham & Phillips Ophthalmic
  • Accutome
  • Foresight International
  • Walman Instrument Group
  • Quantel Medical
  • Strong Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • And many more

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