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Considerations when renting or leasing a chair
Ophthalmology exam chairs are unique to the trade, and can’t be found anywhere else. Most often, these chairs include comfortable padding and upholstery, as well as a sleek and streamlined design to help with the functionality of the office. They are wide enough for patients of all heights and weights to sit comfortably in, without sacrificing too much space in the office. 
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Marco Encore full power chair & Marco Deluxe stand

With the touch of a button, the Marco Encore Automatic Chair quickly reclines from an upright position to a fully horizontal, flat-table modeÌ or anywhere in between. Another button instantly r ...
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Reliance #6200 exam chair w/ Reliance #7800 stand

The Model 6200 is designed for efficient operation from both sides of the chair. Its ergonomic design facilitates contact with the patient and eliminates wasted movements. Manual pneumatic-assiste ...
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Reliance #880 exam chair w/stand, kick lock lower arm

Reliance 880-H full power procedure exam chair is a hydraulic chair with electric controls for reclining. The hydraulic controls are foot pedals on both sides of the base of the chair. Toggle switches ...
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Features of chairs

Most ophthalmology chairs are stationed on a metal leg, which centers the chair and attaches itself to the floor. Two armrests sit on either side so that the patient can sit comfortably. There is also a headrest for those who are tall, to ease with comfortability during parts of the exam where head movement is required. When undergoing an exam that involves the use of the eyes, the patient will want to be in a comfortable position for a prolonged amount of time – especially in the head area.

Ophthalmology chairs also come with height adjustments, with the ability to raise and lower themselves with one mechanical lever that is accessible by the examiner. There is also the capacity to adjust the backrest independently.

How chairs work

Ophthalmology chairs are designed with comfort and functionality in mind. They work similar to dental chairs, situated on a central unit for balance while allowing flexibility of movement and rotation by the patient. The patient has a place to rest their feet, arms, head, and back while sitting comfortably. The chair uses a variety of mechanical features, such as adjustment levers in the back or front, to situate the chair’s height and angle. An eye examiner will be used to having patients of all ages and sizes in the office, and so it is convenient to have a chair that can adjust flexibly. 

About chairs

Ophthalmic examination chairs are made to be comfortable and are usually designed with the patient in mind. Lately, manufacturers have been focusing on the ergonomic shape of the chairs, not just for the patient’s sake, but for the examiner’s as well. The examiner will need to be able to reach the patient comfortably without having to strain themselves by leaning over. Ophthalmic chairs are perfect for eye exams and even operations because the patient can adjust themselves to fit a flexible requirement. 

Chair Manufacturers

  • Bon Optic
  • CSO
  • DRE Medical
  • Famed Zywiec
  • Fiorentino A.M.
  • Frastema
  • Inmoclinic
  • LEMI
  • Olsen
  • Reichert
  • And many more 

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