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Rig Vac rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a rig vac
When you are renting one of these units, think about how many of them you will need. After all, they are large and will be difficult to move from one area to another. Having more than one unit places in strategic and essential areas is a good idea. Consider the power that the unit is capable of providing, along with the hose length and how simple it is to use. The size of the rig vac is another factor you will want to consider. Think about the size of the rig as well to make sure it is going to fit well into your space.
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Rig Vac -30hp

Skid mounted 30hp Rig Vac ...
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Features of rig vacs

The rig vacs have high quality metal frames, and the actual vacuum is built onto that frame. They will have pumps, exhaust, hoses, and attachments. The basic design of the vacuums is similar from one manufacturer to another. However, some of them may have different features and design styles. The units are actually very easy to operate once you have them in place. They do work similarly to a traditional vacuum.

How rig vacs work

Essentially, the device is going to work very similarly to a regular vacuum, even though the design and the setup are quite a bit different and it is far larger. These vacuums are not portable, for example. They have hoses that can attach to the vacuums, which then use high power pumps to suck up the grit, grime, and debris into a tank. The hoses that attach to the units are generally quite long. They are a very specialized device, and you are typically only going to see these in use in the oil industry. They typically run off of a generator powered by gas or diesel.

About rig vacs

One of the most important types of equipment that is on the oilfield is the rig vac. When you have a clean environment, it helps you to maintain a safe environment. There are a number of different types of vacuums on the market specifically for work on rigs and in large industrial environments. The units make it possible to clean off all of the excess drilling mud and other debris that accumulates on the drilling decks and all along the rig floors.

Rig Vac Applications

  • Rig floor and deck cleaning

Rig Vac Manufacturers

  • AC Vestavia
  • Almac Machine Works Ltd.
  • BEPeterson Inc.
  • HC Piper Manufacturing

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