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Mud Bucket rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a mud bucket
One of the most important aspects of an oilfield operation is safety, and one of the devices used to ensure the rigs are safe is a mud bucket. These buckets are able to keep the floor of the rig dry, which helps to reduce slick surfaces and limits the possibility of slip hazards. Using the buckets helps to reduce the cost of labor that would typically be spent on downtime for washing the floors of the rig.
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Mud Bucket

Specs for this Pneumatic Mud Bucket: fits 3"-5 1/2" drill pipes Up to 125 psi 625 lbs Height: 66" ...
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Features of mud buckets

The mud buckets have oil-based mud resistant sealing rubber. When these get fouled, they are easy to replace. They also have a quick open and close assembly, which makes working easily. The buckets will typically include a safety shear plug. This plug ensures that the pressure within the bucket is equalized so the float chamber will not collapse.

Keep in mind that the cavities of the mud buckets can vary substantially in size, so it is important to choose those that are able to handle the drill pipe and the volume of line fluids that you have going through them.

When you are choosing a mud bucket, you need to consider the size that you need for your particular operation. How large will you need the seal size to be? Also consider the height and how large the diameter should be to be sure it will work properly with your rig. For those who have multiple rigs or who have a large rig, you may need to have more than one running at once.

How mud buckets work

The mud buckets keep the mud in the well bore to make sure the work area stays as clean and safe as possible. Even though they are relatively large, they are easy to handle and to move. You can place them in the locations that you need on your rig to help ensure a smooth operation.

Mud Bucket Manufacturers

Some of the popular manufacturers offering mud buckets include Sinotai Petroleum Equipment Co. Ltd., Restar, and HW. They are an essential addition to any rig, large or small.

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