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Features of frac heads

Frac heads come in many different styles and varieties based on specific needs for the end user. Most of the best quality units are made from hardened steel, and they have strong welds for the branches which help to ensure their durability. They may have a different number of branches for example, which will play a large part when choosing one of these devices.

How frac heads work

The overall goal of these devices is to proved safe and efficient fluid flow during the fracking process. This is extremely important due to the high volumes being pumped through the devices, generally under extreme pressures. The strength of the frac head is extremely important, as low quality frac heads will simply not be able to withstand the constant pressures they have to deal with during use.

About frac heads

A frac head helps to provide efficient flow of fluid for different types of fracking operations. Quality devices are able to work well with high pressure and high flow rate projects. They are available in a number of different sizes and shapes to accommodate the needs of various fracking operations. One of the other terms that are often used to describe this device is a goat head.

Frac Head Applications

Frac heads are used for the following:
  • Fracking
  • Oil and gas industry

Frac Head Manufacturers

  • B&B Oilfield Services, LLC
  • Drake Oilfield Supply, Inc.
  • Dril-Quip

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