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Bug Blower rentals

Considerations when renting a bug blower

bug blower rentalsWhen you are renting a bug blower, you need to think about the size that you need for your oilfield or other work area. Just how large should it be? Should you have more than just one of the bug blowers for the project? In addition to the size and the power, take some time to consider the noise of the fan. Most fields are already quite loud, so the noise might not be a problem. If it is though, make sure to check out some reviews to learn just how loud the machine could be.

Features of bug blowers

The bug blower has fan blades, along with a metal cage around the blades to help ensure safety. The fans, because they are quite powerful, usually have a very sturdy base as well. This helps to ensure that the fan doesn’t tip over because it is using so much force while it is working. The blowers tend to have very simple controls as well. They are not usually built with moving heads though, so you will need to make sure that you turn the fan in the right direction.

How bug blowers work

The bug blower looks like a large fan, and that’s exactly how it happens to work as well. You provide power through an outlet or a generator, and the fan then spins and blows the air. The thing that really separates these from typical fans is undoubtedly their size and their power. They are usually much larger than a regular fan, and they have more powerful motors. This helps them to move more air more efficiently.

About bug blowers

These devices look like oversized fans, and that’s essentially just what they are. They are very useful for keeping the drilling area clear of unwanted pests and bugs, as well as poisonous gases. These blowers are extremely important to oilfield drilling operations of all sizes, and they are certainly something you need to consider having on your site. These can be useful in other areas as well. Many of the blowers are quite large and are able to push quite a bit of air, which can make them helpful for keeping areas cool, as well as free from fumes. Some use them in factories, for example.

Bug Blower Applications

  • Oil drilling
  • Manufacturing

Bug Blower Manufacturers

  • Brandt
  • DF Fan Services
  • Fuego Engineering
  • Hartzell Air Movement

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