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Rent, Lease or Finance Magnetic Particle Inspection Instruments on KWIPPED

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Features of magnetic particle inspection instruments

Some of the most common types of particle inspection equipment include demagnetizers, portable and mobile testers, coils, yokes, and wet horizontal textures. A wet horizontal machine is commonly used for mass production inspection. The machine has a tail stock and a head. The part being tested will be magnetized thanks to the induction coil in the machine.

A magnetic yoke is a very popular piece of magnetic particle inspection equipment. It is a handheld device, and it will create a magnetic field between two poles. These are often used when portability is important. They are used for weld inspections, in remote areas, and outdoors. They are a versatile piece of equipment, but they do have a drawback. They are only capable of creating a magnetic field between their poles. This means a large inspection would be very time consuming using the tool.

The pieces of equipment in this field are specialized, and those who operate them should be trained in their proper use for the best results. The equipment is very accurate, as long as the operator knows how to use them properly.

About magnetic particle inspection instruments

Magnetic particle inspection is a type of nondestructive testing. It will work for iron, nickel, cobalt and certain alloys. Depending on the tools and the pieces of equipment in use, different types of electrical currents can be used. They will help to detect anomalies or discontinuities in the metal. Some will use full wave DC, half wave DC or alternating current. 

Magnetic Particle Inspection Instrument Manufacturers

Many companies are making this type of equipment today. Some of the popular manufacturers include Test Systems International, R.B. Annis, TriField, SubSea, New Tech Systems, Circle Systems, Electrospect, and Parker Research.

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