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Hardness Tester rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a hardness tester
When you are choosing a hardness tester, you have a wide range of choices available. You should make sure that you are considering the types of material you will be testing, as well as the type of methods you want to use. Some of the testers on the market are only able to test using certain methods. Other testers can provide the conversions you need.

You should also think about how portable you will need the tester to be. Some of the harness testers are relatively large and will not be easy to move around. These bench models might not be the right solution for everyone. Instead, you might benefit from one of the portable options instead.
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PTC Instruments 306L "A" Scale Durometer

The Model 306L Type A Durometer is designed to measure ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) D2240 Type A hardness. This includes materials such as: rubber, elastomers, and other rubber-li ...
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PTC Instruments 307L "D" Scale Durometer

PTC Instruments 307L Offers Features Special cam permits a scale deflection of 100 points when the indenter is displaced exactly 0.100 inch Dial scale is extended over 240 circular degrees to ...
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REED HT-6510A "A" Scale Durometer

This digital scale "A" durometer is capable of measuring the hardness of rubber, elastomers and leather among other soft materials. The HT-6510A features maximum and average reading function ...
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REED R9030 Hardness Tester, Pen-Style

This rebound hardness tester features a universal D impact device and is capable of displaying measurements in 7 hardness scales. The R9030 features a rechargeable battery, internal memory to store up ...
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Features of hardness testers

Many different types of hardness tests exist today. These include the Rockwell hardness test, Brinell hardness test, Vickers Pyramid hardness test, Shore Scleroscope hardness test, the file hardness test, and Mohr’s scale of harness. Plenty of different types of hardness testers are on the market today. Some of the analog models can do an excellent job of providing reliable Rockwell hardness values for metals and allows. Bench units and portable units are both available.

Other hardness testers utilize ultrasonic technology that can provide fast hardness test results. One of the benefits of using digital testers is that they can provide conversions for different types of hardness tests, including Brinell, Vickers, and Rockwell. This can be a huge benefit for many.

About hardness testers

Conducting a hardness test is often a part of inspections to help determine whether certain materials are uniform and suitable for the project. They are nondestructive, and can provide the tester with a better overall understanding of the overall strength of materials.

Hardness Tester Manufacturers

Some of the options on the market for the hardness testers come from popular manufacturers including Phase II, Wilson, Starrett, and United Tru-Blue.

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