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Wound Care rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a wound care
You should consider the type of clinic you are running and the patients that you have, to determine the best rental or lease for your needs. In some cases, you might want to have a larger device, while other clinicians might find that having a lightweight and portable pump that can help with the NPWT is a simpler and better solution for them. Some of the pumps out there actually weigh less than two pounds.

One of the other things to consider is the features, naturally, as well as the ease of use and the display. A nice quality LCD screen that has backlighting and that is easy to read is essential. When you are working in the medical field, you always want the data and numbers on the readout to be highly legible for recording. Make sure that you have a pump that has a great display. You can find a great system what will work well for you and your patients.
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Nisus NPWT Pump / CMPP-100

Nisus® Pump Revolutionary pump gives patients increased mobility without sacrificing the power physicians demand for optimal wound healing results. FDA approved for use in hospitals, long-term c ...
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Features of wound cares

Working with this type of treatment can provide a range of benefits. When compared with other types of wound care, such as dressings, you will find that this is often a simpler and faster option, as it can promote faster healing. It also happens to provide some cost savings, and can help the patients to move on with their lives.

Most of the pumps on the market today also happen to have alarms that will alert the clinicians and caregivers if there is a problem. They will often have other features that can be beneficial, as well. For example, they might have a sleep feature, a log for the alarms, a lock restriction, and different therapy modes.

About wound cares

One of the types of treatment that can help a range of patients is negative pressure wound therapy, or NPWT. There are a range of negative pressure wound care items on the market for rent or lease that could be a good addition to your clinic or hospital. This is a quality form of treatment that could be beneficial for your patients, so it makes sense to consider some of the pumps and items needed for this sort of treatment.

Wound Care Manufacturers

You can find a range of options when it comes to negative pressure wound care devices. Some of the brands that you might want to consider when renting include Nisus and Halo.

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