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Tourniquet System rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a tourniquet system
A number of different types of machines are on the market and available for renting today, and they all tend to serve the same function and have basically the same main features. You will find that it is in the smaller details where the real differences show. When looking for a tourniquet machine to rent, make sure that you consider all of the features, as well as the quality of the machine and the reputation of the manufacturer.
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Zimmer A.T.S. 3000 Tourniquet System

Description: Zimmer A.T.S. 3000 Tourniquet Systems supply and measure pressure independently in a dual port, dual cuff system. Advanced features such as, LOP (Limb Occlusion Pressure) technology ...
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Zimmer ATS 2000 Tourniquet Machine

The Zimmer ATS 2000 is the next generation from the ATS 1500 tourniquet system. The Zimmer ATS 2000 is a dual pump system that allows for Bier Block procedures. Feel free to inquire about Zimmer, Scan ...
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Features of tourniquet systems

In addition to the machine that controls the pressure applied, there is tubing, along with an inflatable tourniquet cuff. Both reusable and disposable cuffs are available. Those who will be using the reusable cuffs will want to inspect them regularly to make sure they are in good shape and that there are no safety hazards. If the cuff were to fail during an operation, it would mean the blood would start flowing again, and this could cause a huge problem for the surgeon.

How tourniquet systems work

tourniquet system rentalA tourniquet system that uses pneumatics will apply regulated control of pressure to compress a patient’s blood vessels when they are undergoing surgery. This cuts off the blood supply, and ensures that there is no flow of blood to contend with during the operation. The device is really quite simple, but it takes a medical professional to utilize it properly. After completion of the surgery, the cuff is removed from the patient. This will restore blood flow to the area. The goal is to have the tourniquet applied for as little time as possible to reduce the risk of injuring other tissues that were deprived of blood.

About tourniquet systems

The tourniquet systems make use of pneumatics and a specialized tourniquet cuff to stop bleeding. However, it is important to realize that this type of controlled tourniquet is far different from what one would apply in the field. Even the reasoning is different. A field tourniquet is meant to save someone’s life, even though it could cause the loss of a limb. The pneumatic tourniquet system, even though there are some similarities, has a different goal, and is used in surgeries by qualified medical personnel. These will work well on many patients, but you should not use the systems with patients who are infants or those who are suffering from vascular disease, embolism, or thrombosis.

Tourniquet System Applications

  • Surgery

Tourniquet System Manufacturers

  • VBM
  • Anetic Aid
  • Enertech
  • Zimmer

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