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Repeater Pump rentals

Considerations when renting a repeater pump

Medical repeater pumps are an ideal solution for those who are in the pharmaceutical field. Pharmacy technicians are able to use the pumps as a way to reduce their workload, as they will automate the process of fluid transfer. They are able to work at multiple speeds as well. They can help to make it easier to complete a range of different procedures including transferring, filling, pooling, and reconstitution.

Features of repeater pumps

There are different types of pumps available, but the actions they perform tend to be very similar from one model to another. They are flexible devices that you can use for a number of different applications. You can use them for drug reconstitution using vials, to fill sterile syringes, IV transfers, filling oral dispensers and vials, and for elastomeric infuser filling.

While there are a number of different types of medical pump repeaters on the market, they tend to have very similar features and styles. They have a small footprint, so they are able to fit onto most counters and benches. They have a standard hood, and they are also able to be mounted onto pump stands. They have easy to use controls so you can determine the rate and flow of the liquid.

Most of the available pumps have automatic operation controls, making accurate filling faster and easier. They have memory storage, and powerful motors. The motors tend to have variable speeds so you can use them for many different types of applications. Some of the pumps also have a drawback feature. This will relieve the line pressure and makes it less likely the extra liquid will drip or be lost between fills.

When you are choosing your repeater, consider how and where you will be using it. This will let you determine which type of pump will work best for your particular needs. It will also let you know what size pump you will be able to use in your setup and still have space.

Repeater Pump Manufacturers

A number of different companies make these products today. Some of the popular manufacturers providing medical repeater pumps include Baxter, Cole Parmer, and B. Braun Medical Inc. Take the time to find the pump that will work the best for your applications and then you can rent with confidence.

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