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Considerations when renting or leasing a gas analyzer
Gas analyzers are capable of analyzing and testing a variety of different types of gases for different applications. There are analyzers that can measure the pressure, flow, volume, and oxygen concentration. They can measure the gas temperature as well.  They are used as testing tools to ensure the quality and safety of a variety of different devices including flow meters, pressure gauges, anesthesia machines, and suction devices. The use of these in any medical setting, including dentistry, helps to ensure a professional and safe environment for your patients.
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Gasmet DX4040 Portable FTIR Gas Analyzer

Gasmet's DX4040 FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) gas analyzer can detect 25 different gases simultaneously with results in just 25 seconds. The DX4040 has a library of measurable gas ...
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Philips M1019A G5 Gas Analyzer

The Philips Intellivue M1019A G5 is a standalone five agent analyzer designed for use with the MP Series of Intellivue Monitor.  The monitor sits on top of the analyzer and connects to the analyz ...
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Hewlett Packard M1026B Anesthetic Gas Analyzer

The Hewlett Packard M1026B is a standalone Anesthetic Gas Analyzer.  It also monitors and displays the Respiratory Gases of CO2, N2O and O2.  The M1026B can be used with the MP Series, Model ...
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Hewlett-Packard M1026A Gas Analyzer

The M1026A is another in the line of Hewlett-Packard Gas Analyzers.  This unit has the capability of monitoring all five Anesthetic Agents.  As a stand alone unit, it requires attachment to ...
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Philips M1026B Anesthesic Gas Module

Philips Anesthetic Gas Module (AGM) uses infrared absorption technology to identify and measure the five most commonly used anesthetic gases as well as N2 O and CO2 . A paramagnetic technique measures ...
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Features of gas analyzers

The gas analyzers come in a number of different varieties, but they all tend to be easy to use and have readouts and displays that will let the user test and report quickly. A number of them are small and portable, so the technician can take them to all of the various machines that need testing in the clinic or hospital easily, as well.

They often have automation features as well, which can increase productivity while reducing the chance of error. Keep in mind that different devices will feature some other options. For example, they may have a differing number of ventilator patterns and parameters.

When you are looking at these gas flow analyzers for rental, it is very important that you take the time to consider what devices you need to be measuring. Make sure that the device you choose has the options and features that will be most beneficial to your needs. It is also a good idea to consider the portability of the device if you will need to bring it to a number of different rooms in your clinic. Most of the units available today are very small and portable. In addition, consider the readouts and the controls that are available with the device to make sure it is something you can use properly.


How gas analyzers work

They work by measuring the continuous flow of a stream of gas. The devices are then able to determine the flow rate, and you can then calibrate your tested devices to make sure they are working properly.

Gas Analyzer Manufacturers

There are a number of different manufacturers offering these analyzers today. Popular options to consider include Fluke, Heinen + Lowenstein, Siare, Rigel, and Novair. These and other high quality manufacturers offer good solutions to those in need of a gas analyzer.

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