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Considerations when renting or leasing a bovie unit
A Bovie unit is an electrosurgical device created by William T. Bovie, who was working at Harvard University during the development. The first use of this type of generator in an OR happened in 1926, and over the years, the technology within the device has expanded and improved vastly, making this one of the most essential pieces of equipment in most hospitals.
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Bovie Aaron1250 ESU Electrosurgical Generator (with footswitch)

Technical Specs: Output Power Cut: 120 watts  Blend: 90 watts  Coagulation: 80 watts  Fulguration: 40 watts  Bipolar: 30 watts    Line Voltage Line Voltage A12 ...
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Features of bovie units

As mentioned, Bovie Units are available in many different models and styles, and they have an array of different features. When you are making your choice, you need to consider which of the units is best for the types of procedures you perform regularly. You will be using the device often, so you will want to choose one that works for all of your needs and procedures.

How bovie units work

There are different types and models of these units available. The exact features and options can vary between the units. However, they all work in a similar way. The left portion of a Bovie unit is a generator, which requires that there be a return electrode pad. The isolated power feature is to ensure the safety of the patient as well as the surgeon using the device. They have different modes of operation including cut mode, blended mode, and pinpoint coagulation mode.

The interface is easy to use, thanks to the easy touch pads. They are also color-coded so there is never a doubt as to what you are doing with the device. It is ergonomic, features a rotary dial, and easy to use operating mode selections.

The units also have a number of presets, and the user is able to store his or her own preferred presets into the device. The presets will store the power setting and the mode selection. Keep in mind that some of the models will have many more features and options.

Bovie Unit Manufacturers

These units are specifically from Bovie, although there are other electrosurgical units on the market as well. Bovie is a trusted name, and it was the first of these types of units on the market.

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