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Apnea Monitor rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a apnea monitor
When you are trying to rent or lease an apnea monitor, make sure that you look into the features available on the model and see if it is better for adults or for infants. A KWIPPED supplier can help you choose one that is best for your needs. Check to see what the device monitors and measures in addition to bouts of apnea, such as heart rate. All of those different measurements can be important for the medical professionals trying to help patients who are suffering from respiratory problems. 
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Features of apnea monitors

The aforementioned alarm is one of the primary features of the device. It serves to let the user, or a loved one, know that there could be a potential breathing issue. While the monitors are reliable, there may be some false alarms from time to time. It is important that you do not ignore any of the alarms, even if you feel that it might be false. Some of the monitors available are capable of measuring a number of different physiological parameters for both infants as well as adults. Some have features that sideline disruptions in the event of electromagnetic interference.

How apnea monitors work

apnea monitor rentalThe apnea monitor will hook up to the patient and measure the air flow into the lungs, as well as the amount of oxygen in the blood. The device will record the number of times you stopped breathing, and the length of time you stopped breathing. They will also measure the electrical activity in the heart, as well as the breathing rate. In addition, the monitor will trigger an alarm in order to wake you up so that you can start breathing again.

About apnea monitors

Many people have trouble with breathing, particularly while they are sleeping. The condition is apnea, and it means that they have periods of time that they simply stop breathing during the night. In order to help combat this, the use of apnea monitors could be a huge benefit. They are also helpful to those who have other respiratory conditions that can make it difficult to breath.

Apnea Monitor Applications

  • Detect apnea (periods of involuntary breathing cessation)
  • Monitor bouts of sleep apnea
  • Premature babies

Apnea Monitor Manufacturers

  • Davis Medical
  • Electronics
  • Jaken Medical, Inc.
  • Absolute Medical Equipment
  • Sharps MD, Inc.
  • ResMed

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