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Considerations when renting a anesthesia machine
Those who need to rent an an anesthesia machine need to make sure that they choose one that fits their needs, and the size requirements, for the application. In some cases, you may wish to rent additional pieces of equipment that can integrate into the machine, such as automated record keeping, although this may not always be necessary. Talk with your KWIPPED supplier to make sure that you are getting the correct anesthesia machine for your needs. They will make sure your machine of choice will meet all of the safety requirements.  Read our KWIPPED Tip article on how to rent an anesthesia machine by clicking here.
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Baxter Drager Vapor 2000 Sevoflurane

The Vapor 2000 is a vaporizer for volatile anesthetic agents with unsurpassed performance. Originally developed for the extreme requirements of mobile army surgical units, these demanding ambient spec ...
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Drager Narkomed GS

The Narkomed GS is a modern anesthesia machine with a user friendly design and advanced features.  The Narkomed Gs is also the the perfect answer for medical facilities that want to upgrade to a ...
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Moduflex Optimax Anesthesia Machine

Description: The Moduflex Optimax anesthesia machine is a working station that combines ingenuity, sophistication and practical common sense. The Optimax is a flexible high end machine that holds 2 v ...
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Venni Medical VI-8410P Vital Signs Monitor

The Venni patient monitors are durable, accurate, and resonable priced. The Venni comes standard with ECG, Temp, SPO2, and Pulse rate. This machine is perfect for Dentists, Gastros, Surgeons, and ...
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Mindray PM-9000 Express Patient Monitor

Mindray PM-9000 offers a broad range of patient monitoring capabilities in a robust, modular design. Specifically targeted to the operating room and post-operative areas, Mindray presents a powerful c ...
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Drager Fabius Tiro Anesthesia Machine

Description: The Dräger Fabius Tiro combines everything you need to provide high-quality ventilation in small spaces. Its compact design makes it a natural choice for applications where you need ...
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DRE PCS Anesthesia Machine

Features: Complies with multi-parameter monitoring Bypass design integrated CO2 circle absorber with heating function Special monitor support arms Built-in battery for safety guarant ...
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DRE Transport 5000 Plus Portable Anesthesia Machine

Description: The compact DRE Transport 5000 Plus is a portable anesthesia system designed for office-based surgery centers and small facilities in which space is at a premium. Features: Comp ...
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Passport 17M Patient Monitor

The Passport 17m, a member of the Passport family of monitors, is designed to provide a clear view of patient information, speed workflow at the bedside, and enhance decision making in the critical ca ...
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DRE Titan XL Large Animal Anesthesia Machine

Description: The DRE Titan XL Large Animal Anesthesia Machine is a complete anesthesia support system. The Titan XL is designed for use with Equine, Bovine, Zoology, and other large animal anesthesia ...
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Iris Vital Signs Monitor

Our patient monitor series are designed with a new concept: compact and modular. Because there are wide ranges of application demands in hospitals: OR, Emergency, ICU, CCU, etc. Our monitor could ...
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DRE Integra SP II Anesthesia Machine

Description: The IntegraSP IIAnesthesia System is perfect for larger surgery suites that may be using more than one type of anesthetic agent. The Integra SP2 offers a low ownership cost over a ten ye ...
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Features of anesthesia machines

anesthesia machine rentalA number of different types of anesthesia machines are available for rent. Most of them will include ventilators, as well as the ability to monitor a patient’s vital signs. This is very helpful for the anesthetist, as it can improve his or her ability to monitor the patient and to make sure nothing is going wrong during the procedure. Some of the other common features include oxygen failure alarms, hypoxic mixture alarms, ventilator alarms, and vitals alarms, and a Pin Index Safety System, which ensures that the correct cylinders are attached to the correct yoke. The layouts are simple to read and understand.

How anesthesia machines work

anesthesia machine rentalThese complex machines make it easy to mix the right amount of medical gases and anesthetic vapors to provide patients with a constant flow of anesthesia to keep them under while they are undergoing a procedure. They help to improve the safety, and reliability of delivering anesthesia. Proper application of anesthesia to the patient is essential to helping reduce the possibility of side effects. This is easily the most important piece of equipment that an anesthesiologist will use.

About anesthesia machines

An anesthesia machine, sometimes called a Boyle’s Machine, help anesthesiologists to provide anesthesia for patients. The most popular type of machine, one that offers a continuous flow of anesthesia for the patient, is in hospitals all around the globe. The reason for renting these pieces of equipment can vary. Some facilities may lack the funding to buy a machine, and others may only use them infrequently, which will mean buying is not a cost effective option. Others may be relocating and may not have their new equipment in the office yet.

Anesthesia Machine Applications

  • Administer various types of anesthesia
  • Monitor certain vital signs (only certain types of vitals)
  • Patient ventilator

Anesthesia Machine Manufacturers

  • General Electric
  • Drager
  • Philips

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