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Chain Sling rentals

Considerations when renting a chain sling

When you are renting chain slings for lifting and lowering heavy loads, you need to consider a number of things. You will first want to think about the weight of the items that you are moving. Different slings have different ratings, and you will never want to try to lift a weight that’s too heavy with a sling that can’t hold up to the stress. It would be too dangerous. Before submitting your rental or lease request through the KWIPPED supplier network, consider the number of slings that you will need and the type of hooks they should have to lift the cargo and other loads.

Features of chain slings

chain sling rentalThe chain slings will feature a master link, also called an end link. Most of the time, these are oval shaped, but there are some manufacturers that offer pear shaped master links as well. Attached to the end link are the chains, which can come in a variety of configurations. At the end of the chain or chains on the sling is a type of hook. This type of hook will vary based on the application. There are sling hooks, grab hooks, and foundry hooks. Each of these different types of hooks will work for different applications.

How chain slings work

Chain slings work in a simple manner. They have an end link that will attach to a crane or some other type of machine or hoist. The user will then add the load to the slings. The crane can lift the load, which will be attached via the chain slings. There are a number of different types of slings available today in a wide range of different configurations, as you will see. A number of different types of chain slings are available including standard, adjustable, endless, and basket.

About chain slings

Chain slings are helpful for lifting and holding various types and size loads even in the most rigged and difficult operating conditions. They are very durable and flexible, and it’s easy to see whether they are in need of replacement. The chains are alloy and very strong, allowing them to handle a large number of different types of loads and different weights. They are useful for a number of different industries, and you can often find them in manufacturing.

Chain Sling Applications

  • Lifting cargo
  • Moving heavy loads in warehouses
  • Industrial
  • Commercial

Chain Sling Manufacturers

  • Lift-It
  • Dawson
  • Peerless

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