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Features of scarifiers

The machines will often be able to work with a variety of different attachments as well. These various assemblies can help the contractor to complete a wide range of different types of jobs. You can choose from machines that are manual push and that you walk behind and push, or those that are walk-behind and self-propelled. This latter option is very easy to use, but even the ones that you walk behind are not overly difficult to operate. They merely take more manual power.

The size and type of the machine will dictate how much square footage you will be capable of covering in the span of an hour, on average. This will likely be something that the contractors will want to factor into the equation when they are trying to determine which item they would like to rent.

The walk-behind models will generally be capable of covering between 350 to 1,500 square feet depending on the model you choose. Naturally, there are variances between the horsepower and the machine size that will have an effect on how much the contractor is able to do in a given period.

The scarifiers will often have a number of options available. There are different types of cutters, including premium grades, varying diameters, widths, the number of cutting teeth, and a variety of tip styles. For example, you could choose from sharp teeth or flat, somewhat blunt teeth, as well as angled teeth.

Scarifier Manufacturers

A number of companies offer scarifiers today including CS Unitec Inc., Marindus Co. Inc, and PowerBoss. When you are making your choice for rental, be sure to consider the scope and size of your project before choosing an option.

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