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Considerations when renting a pump
When you are renting a pump for your oilfield, you should make sure that you are getting one that’s right for your field. If the reservoir of oil is particularly deep, for example, you want to make sure you have a larger pump. Those that are closer to the surface are generally able to use a smaller pump for the job. Make sure that the pump is the right type and size for your project and make sure that it will work well with the rest of your setup.

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Thompson Pump Diaphragm Pumps Dry Prime (D)

Diaphragm Pumps Dry Prime (D) Available in single and double diaphragm models, this pump can be indefinitely ran dry without damage to the unit. An excellent choice for pumping muddy water, sludge ...

Thompson Pumps JSV

Oil-less Vacuum Prime High Head Solids Handling Pumps Dry Prime (JSV)  With dry running oil-less vacuum (OVT) automatic priming, this eco-friendly pump with no recirculation oil or contact rotor ...

Thompson Pumps Vacuum-Assisted Heavy Duty Trash Pump (V)

Vacuum- Assisted Heavy Duty Trash Pump Dry Prime (V) This open trash and sewage dry priming pump designed with an auxiliary vacuum pump delivers the fastest priming available with high volume pumpi ...

Thompson Pump Piston Wellpoint (PW)

Piston Wellpoint (PW) Consuming only 5 gallons of fuel per day, the PW pump is the economical choice for wellpoint or sock dewatering. This high suction lift, high air handling pump is self-priming ...

Thompson Pump EnviroPrime Trash/Sewage Pump, TSC

Enviroprime® Heavy Duty Cast Iron Open Trash / Sewage Pump Dry Prime (TSC) The automatic priming trash/sewage TSC pump handles solids up to 3.35 inches. Using the compressor assisted self-primi ...

Thompson Pump Rotary Wellpoint Pumps Wet Prime (RW)

Rotary Wellpoint Pumps Wet Prime (RW) With an 8 and 12 inch rotary pump that handles both air and water, the positive displacement with constant suction makes this pump the ideal choice for all wel ...

Thompson Pump EnviroPrime System, JSC

Enviroprime System® High Head Solids Handling Pumps Dry Prime, Compressor Assisted (JSC) With automatic priming and 4 inch solids handling, the JSC compressor-assisted pump series leads the indus ...

Thompson Pump Hand Prime - Jet Pumps - Clear Water (J)

Hand Prime - Jet Pumps - Clear Water (J) Available as a hand-priming pump, this high pressure pump provides streams of clear water for jetting, water blasting and wellpoint installations. ...

Thompson Pump Multi-Purpose Open Trash/Sewage Pump, TSV

Vacuum Assisted- Multi-Purpose Open Trash / Sewage Pump Dry Prime (TSV) Able to run dry with simple low cost maintenance, the TSV with quick vacuum-assisted priming is easy to operate. Built with h ...

Thompson Pump Cast Iron Trash Pump, HTC

Enviroprime System® Heavy Duty Cast Iron Trash Pump Dry Prime (HTC) Thompson HTC series compressor-assisted pumps are engineered to provide consistent and dependable service on the most difficu ...

Features of pumps

There are a number of different types and sizes of pumps. The oilfield pumps can vary quite a bit in size. Some of them are able to fit into a pickup truck, while others are actually quite a bit larger and more difficult to move. The pump contains a number of different elements including sucker rods, the pumpjack, plunger, and valves, all of which facilitate the movement of the pump and ensure proper action.

How pumps work

oilfield pump rentalsThe most typical type of pump involved in the field is the pump that actually brings up the oil from the ground. Once the drilling rig is able to locate the oil reservoirs beneath the earth’s surface, they will begin to pump the oil from the hole. The pump can help to control the oil coming to the surface, and it can actually help remove oil that’s trapped in the ground. Most of the time, the oil doesn’t have enough pressure to burst from the hole, so the oil producers utilize pumps.

About pumps

Pumps are surely one of the most important elements to any oilfield. Without having high quality pumps, it quickly becomes impossible to remove the oil and gas from the ground. Having an adequate number of pumps, and pumps that are high enough in quality ensure that the operation flows smoothly from start to finish. It is important to keep in mind that there are actually quite a few different types of pumps that fall under this umbrella, and each of them is different. For example, the rig may have pumps on it. However, vacuums and vacuum trucks, centrifuges, and more may also have pumps.

Pump Applications

  • Pump trucks
  • Vacuums
  • Rigs

Pump Manufacturers

  • UE Manufacturing
  • National Oilwell Varco
  • Weatherford
  • Wheatly
  • Murphy

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