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Power Trowle rentals

Considerations when renting a power trowle

A power trowel is a type of equipment used in light construction to help the contractors provide a smooth finish to the concrete slabs they’ve put in place or are redoing. Some of the other common names for a power trowel include trowel machine and power float, as well as helicopter and whirlybird. The reason for the two latter nicknames is due to the design of the machine, which features blades along the bottom that look similar to those on a helicopter.

Features of power trowles

While there are many models and brands available, there are two main types of power trowel available – the walk-behind and the riding. The ride-on power trowels will have an operator who sits on the machinery and who covers the area using the onboard controls. The walk-behind models require that the user push the trowel from the rear using manual power.

Many contractors will use the walk-behind power trowels for finishing driveways and for finishing warehouse floors in small and even mid-sized spaces. They are easy to operate and can provide the floor with a smooth and durable finish. The blades will generally range from 24” to 48”. They are available in gas or electric powered options.

The riding trowels are the best solution for the largest spaces, generally those that are over 6,000 square feet in size. Because they are larger and heavier, they are able to create flatter finishes. The blades on these are much larger, generally between 36” and 60”.

When you are choosing a power trowel, always consider the area you have to cover to help you figure out which model is best suited to your project. If you have a large project and a substantial amount of space to cover, the best option would likely be one of the ride-on trowels. Those who have smaller space, or who are working in small areas at a time would likely want to choose one of the walk-behind options.

Different models of trowels may have different features and options available, so it is always important to check out everything the model does and does not offer before you choose it.

Power Trowle Manufacturers

Many companies are making power trowels today. Some of the most popular and used brands include Bartell, Belle Group, Edco, Marshalltown, MBW, Multiquip, and Wacker Neuson. Take the time to consider your project and then choose the machine that will work best for your needs.

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