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Considerations when renting a lighting
With all of the different types of lighting, it can be difficult to determine which ones you should start using. First, you need to think about your construction site, the natural lighting, and the spaces you will need to light after dark. Also consider the interior areas that will need lighting. There is a good chance you will need to rent multiple types of light. Consider the power and wattage that you will need, as well.

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Larson Dual Lamp Headlamp

Three high intensity LED emitters mounted within a lightweight housing provide up to 18 hours of useable light and can be either worn on the head or attached to a hard hat with the included elastic or ...

Larson 180 Watt Portable LED Work Area Light-Waterproof-Stackable

The WAL-STK-3X600E Portable, Stackable LED Work Light from Larson Electronics offers high light output, 360° coverage, and extreme durability within a portable aluminum frame. This versatile ...

Larson 10watt Handlamp

The Larson Electronics VPLHL-7WLED-25 10 Watt LED Vaporproof Trouble Light / Hand Lamp / Drop Light with 25' cord is both waterproof and vapor proof and constructed and certified to prevent the in ...

Larson 300 watt Explosion Proof LED Light Tower

The EPL-QP-2X150RT-100 Quadpod Mounted Explosion Proof LED Light Tower from Larson Electronics produces 35,000 lumens of light capable of illuminating an area 14,500 square feet in size ...

Larson Magnetic Mount 60 Watt Flood Light

The LEDWP-600E-M-20C Magnetic Mount LED Flood Light offers high light output from a compact form factor and is designed to provide a more durable and long lived alternative to halogen and metal h ...

Larson Magnetic Mount Work Area Light

The high output BML-150LED magnetic mount LED work light from Larson Electronics produces 14,790 lumens of light capable of illuminating an area 18,000 square feet in size. Weather proof and suit ...

Larson Wireless Remote Control LED Spotlight

The GL-9901 Golight Radioray from Larson Electronics is a 36 Watt LED motorized spotlight that operates with  a hand held wireless remote control. This particular model is available in white and ...

Larson LED Blasting Light w/200lb Grip Magnetic Base

The BLWP-40LED LED Blasting Light offers high light output from a compact form factor and is designed to provide a more durable and long lived alternative to halogen units. This LED light includes a 2 ...

Features of lightings

Floodlights can be a good solution to provide a lot of light to an area relatively easily. A spotlight may work similarly, but it is possible to focus the light a bit more with these types of systems. In many cases, construction sites working with a light tower can be a good option. These light towers tend to have a substantial amount of power and can light up a large area. In fact, a 300-watt LED light tower has the potential to light up 14,500 square feet.

Of course, there are also smaller area work lights available, as well as hand lights that you can use. In addition, depending on the type of construction and the location, you might also want to have some rented headlamps that your workers can use on their hardhats.

About lightings

One of the elements many people do not consider when they are choosing equipment to rent for the construction site is the lighting. Perhaps they feel that since they will be doing most of the work in the daylight that they do not need lighting. However, there may come times when you need to work after dark, so lighting becomes essential. Even when working in the daytime, sometimes the sun will not be enough. In addition, once you start to get into the interior of projects, you are certainly going to need some extra lighting.

Good lighting has the potential to make the work much easier because you will not have to struggle to see what you are doing. In addition, proper lighting helps to ensure a safer work environment for everyone. Once you start to look at the different options, you will find there is a substantial amount of lighting.

Lighting Manufacturers

There are many different types of lighting available, as you can see. In addition, there is a range of manufacturers making lighting products for construction sites today. Some of the companies working in this field include Larson, ProBuilt, Lumacell, Inc., and Century Industries, Inc.

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