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Considerations when renting or leasing a burnisher
After concrete has already been polished, many decide that they want to do something a bit more, as even polished concrete can end up looking a bit more matte than the owner wanted. One of the easiest ways to do this is by burnishing.

Burnishers are a great option for improving the look of concrete in many locations whether it is in the home or at a place of business. They provide the aesthetic that many people want and need with their concrete. It is a noninvasive process that is able to increase the appearance of a glossy finish. Renting one of these as a contractor allows you to provide your customers with the style that they want.
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Hawk High Speed Burnisher 20 Inch 220v 1.5HP 2000RPM

HP1520-2M is a 20" machine with a 1.5 HP motor that spins 2000RPMs. Remarkably easy to handle, they are the perfect choice for small and large areas. Blue Star Diamond™ burnishing pad ...
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Hawk Enterprises 27 Inch Propane Burnisher

Hawk Preferred Propane Burnishers To produce a hard, durable floor finish with an amazing shine that stands up under heavy traffic, nothing beats Hawk’s propane burnishers!   ...
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Hawk Enterprises 21 Inch Propane Burnisher

Hawk Preferred Propane Burnishers To produce a hard, durable floor finish with an amazing shine that stands up under heavy traffic, nothing beats Hawk’s propane burnishers! For a ...
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Clarke Sander 1600 DC Rotary Sander

The Sander 1600DC was designed specifically with the demands of wood floor sanding and finishing in mind. The added weight and balanced design mean the most aggressive sanding, highest productivity an ...
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20” OnFloor Surfacing Machine 5 HP, 1 PH, 208-230V, 3450 RPM

The Onfloor® 20, with built in Onfloor® patented technology, is a revolutionary and flexible concrete floor grinder and polisher. Utilizing its exclusive patented design, Onfloor® 20 is po ...
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16” OnFloor Surfacing Machine 1.5 HP,115V, 3450 RPM

The multi-purpose machine is designed for surfacing concrete floors, restoring or preparing wood decks and hardwood floors. Unique belt drive, three-head system is designed for smooth operation with s ...
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Clarke Sander RS-16 DC Rotary Sander

RS-16dc (dc denotes dust control) Rotary Sanders feature powerful 1½ HP motors with dual capacitors for maximum start up and run torque. A 16″ pad driver is included, while Clarke uses an ...
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Features of burnishers

While there are a number of different burnishers available from a wealth of companies, you will find that they typically work very similarly. They are walk-behind machines that work similarly to other floor polishers. They have a rounded front and pads that go beneath and provide the actual burnishing on the floor.

Some of the burnishers run on propane, while others work via electricity. The option you choose will likely depend on where your project is located and whether you have access to electricity or not.

When you are choosing a burnisher to use, consider the size of the head. The 24” and 27” are common, but you will want to think about the project you have ahead of you when you are choosing. You can find heads that are smaller, as well as larger than the two aforementioned common sizes.

Some of the machines are more suited to small jobs, such as a small home space that needs their floors done. Others are larger and would work best for a commercial space that has a larger area that needs burnishing. When you are renting, you should also consider getting some additional floor pads, as you may need to go through several. Note the size of the floor burnisher so you can get floor pads that will work with it.

Burnisher Manufacturers

Some of the companies making these types of machines today include Clarke, ClearSky, Onyx, STI, Tornado, and Lavina. Consider the size of the machine as well as the area you have to burnish. Also, be sure to look at all of the features involved with the burnisher so you know all of its capabilities before renting.

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