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Considerations when renting a air compressor
Air compressors are an essential and sometimes overlooked part of the oilfield. Having compressors onsite will ensure that you can keep all of your vehicle’s tires properly inflated, and they can provide the compressed air needed for a variety of different pieces of equipment.
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Porter Cable Compressor 150PSI 6GAL

The compressor body is made with steel for strength and has an upgraded shroud and console cover to protect its vital components. It is designed to operate at or below 150 PSI and features an oil-free ...
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Features of air compressors

There are many different types of air compressor available today including stationary and portable, as well as oil free and lubricated. The compressors are essential for the rig since so many of the tools used onsite require compressed air to run properly.

When you are in need of an air compressor, whether you need to rent one for your entire project, or you are only in need of one for an emergency until yours is replaced, you have to consider all of the different types available. Do you need to have an electric compressor? If so, remember that it is going to be stationary since it will need to plug into an outlet. These types of compressors may be relatively small as well, and they might not be as large as your rig needs. You may need to rent several of them.

You could always choose a diesel or gas air compressor. These tend to be larger in most cases. They also have the added benefit of being portable. Since they have the fuel they need inside, you can put them wherever it is safest and most convenient. This is often a good option for an oilfield since you can’t always bring the work to the compressor.

There are both lubricated and oil free air compressors available. You should also think about how the compressor is mounted, particularly if it is portable. In the case of the larger compressors, you will need to have a way to transport it. Consider how and where you are using the compressor and find the options that will work the best for your rig or field.

Air Compressor Manufacturers

You can find a number of options available when it comes to manufacturers of air compressors. Some popular companies include Kaeser, Airpac Bukom, and Nuvair.

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