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Considerations when renting a water bath
One of the first things you will have to consider is the size of the water bath. It will depend on the volume of the samples that you are regularly adding to the bath. The size can range from around 1.5 liters all the way up to 43 liters for massive water baths. You will want to look at the internal dimensions of the tank to get the true volume so you will know the size you need. In addition to choosing the right size, see if you can also rent a cover for the water bath. This is not always necessary, but if you are worried about contamination, it is certainly something you will want to consider.
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New Brunswick R76 Bath Shaker

The R76 is a continuous duty reciprocating shaker integrated with a controlled temperature water bath. This metabolic shaker provides dependable operation under controlled conditions of agitation and ...
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New Brunswick G76D Water Bath Shaker

Model G76D integrates an electronically controlled water bath with a continuous duty Gyrotory shaker. This bench apparatus has a triple-eccentric-drive transmission to provide smooth, uniform agitatio ...
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SAHARA S30 Heated Bath Circulator, 26L

Environmentally Friendly Design Save up to 80% on energy costs and thousands of kilowatt hours during the life of the system A ll units are RoHS-compliant (lead- and mercury-free) and use recyc ...
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Thermo Precision Digital Coliform 9.1 Gallon Water Bath

Quick Overview Microprocessor control LED display Water pump is gentle and does not turbulate water Digital control Temperature Range: 35° to 45.5°C  Cabinet Material: Epoxy ...
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Thermo PC300 Immersion Circulator, 24L/min, 3kW, 230V

Features: Temp. stability: 0.015 3.0kW heater for faster time to temperature All stainless-steel pump with ceramic rotors Force/suction pump with 560mbar pressure and 24L/min flow Heatin ...
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Ultra-Low Temperature Circulator 15.1L

Quick Overview Powerful cascaded refrigeration system achieves ultralow temperatures, maintains excellent temperature stability, and provides faster cooling rates and higher heat removal capacitie ...
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SAHARA PPO S21P Heated Bath Circulator, 115V

Environment-friendly Design: Save up to 80% on energy costs and thousands of kilowatt hours during the life of the system. All units are RoHS-compliant (lead- and mercury-free) and use recycled pac ...
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ARCTIC A10 Refrigerated Circulator, 6L, 115V

Optional force/suction pumps and sophisticated digital control allow you to ensure accuracy and reproducibility. Choose from the STANDARD, ADVANCED or PREMIUM controllers to create the perfect fit ...
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SC100 Immersion Circulator 17L/min,115V

Quick Overview Designed for ease-of-use and energy efficient with powerful pumping and heating capacities for closed loop applications. Self-Tuning PID controller for optimized temperature contr ...
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SAHARA PPO S5P Heated Bath Circulators, 115V

Environment-friendly Design: Save up to 80% on energy costs and thousands of kilowatt hours during the life of the system. All units are RoHS-compliant (lead- and mercury-free) and use recycled pac ...
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Thermo PC200 Immersion Circulator, 24L/min, 2kW/1.2kW, 115V

Features: Quick Overview Temp. stability: 0.015 Force/suction pump with 560mbar pressure and 24L/min flow Heating capacity 1.2kW External T control via PT100 sensor port Application thr ...
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ARCTIC A28F Refrigerated Circulator, 10L, 115V

Featuring superior cooling power, expansive temperature ranges, powerful force/suction pumps, and sophisticated digital control to ensure accuracy and reproducibility. Choose from three different c ...
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Features of water baths

water bath rentalsThe water baths have a basin or cavity where the water goes, along with a plug for power. They will have controls, usually right on the bath, so that you can set the temperature you need. They may have other settings and alarms on the device as well, but this is not the case with all of the models. The temperatures of the water bath can vary based on the unit that you get. Most will have preset buttons on them that will allow for quick selection between some of the most common temperature points.

How water baths work

The bath is very simple to use. You will fill it with as much water as you need, and then turn it on to get the temperature to heat up. Most of the units you will find are electronic models with an easy to use control scheme. This makes it nice and easy to set the temperature and keep it steady.

About water baths

A water bath is one of the most common and important parts of a laboratory. They are able to provide help in a number of different ways. For example, you can use a water bath to help thaw samples that have come out of a freezer. You can find warm reagents, act as an assay, and be helpful for bacteriological exams. You will find these baths hard at work in the food industry, research labs, in clinical labs and more all around the world.

Water Bath Applications

  • Clinical labs
  • Academic facilities
  • Research laboratories
  • Food industry
  • Wastewater plants

Water Bath Manufacturers

  • Amos
  • Bio Rad
  • Electrothermal
  • Elektro-Mag
  • Grant
  • Grifols
  • IKA
  • Memmert
  • Mestra
  • Stuart

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