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Laboratory Liquid Pump rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a laboratory liquid pump
When you are working in the lab, it is important to have the right type of equipment for the type of work you are doing. One of the pieces of equipment that many people for you to think about is the laboratory liquid pump. These pumps can do a variety of different things including transferring of different types of liquid, as well as dosing liquid. Some of the pumps are capable of dealing with corrosive liquids as well.
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Ismatec ISM404B Peristaltic Pump

LED display Speed: 1 -240 RPM Memory: 4 sets of operating parameters ...
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Features of laboratory liquid pumps

There are a number of different types of pump for the laboratory, and they have different purposes. Peristaltic pumps are quite common, and some of them have a modular design. They will have a pump head, as well as tubing and a drive. In addition, there can be binary pumps, class pumps for different types of liquid, diaphragm liquid transfer pumps, and diaphragm liquid dosing pumps.

Because there are so many different types of pumps and they serve so many different purposes, there are naturally different features associated with various laboratory liquid pumps. They will have various pressure ranges and flow rates, as well as different purposes. Different companies will have different features, but for the most part, pumps of the same style and type tend to have similar features. Therefore, going from one brand of pump to another, as long as the type of pump is the same, should be relatively easy.

When it comes time to choose a laboratory liquid pump, or several pumps, for your lab workspace, it is important to understand your specific purposes first. How will you be using the pump? Do you need to have a pump that is able to provide precise dosages? Do you need a pump that can monitor liquid? In addition, you need to think about the pressure needed for the pump as well as the flow rate.

Whether you need a rotating and reciprocating metering pump, a digitally adjustable pump, a dispensing pump, or something else entirely, you need to know exactly what you need before renting. Make sure that the pump you read will accommodate your specific needs whatever they might be.

Laboratory Liquid Pump Manufacturers

Laboratory liquid pumps are created and manufactured by a number of companies. The following are some of the most common – KNF, Cole-Parmer, Welch, Essen, Fluid Metering, Inc., Gibson Inc., and Neutec Group Inc.

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