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Considerations when renting a homogenizer
When you are renting one of the homogenizers, you need to think about the types of samples you are running. For example, the mechanical homogenizers tend to work better for tissue samples and for microorganisms. In addition to choosing the right type, you also have to make sure that you have all of the accessories you need to run the unit, or you may need to rent those as well. You may have questions about the best models and brands for your particular application. Take the time to research the particular homogenizer you need before submitting youre rental request on the KWIPPED supplier network. Read our KWIPPED Tip article on how to rent a homogenizer by clicking here.
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MP Bio Fast Prep 24 Cell Homogenizer

Delivering the most DNA, RNA and Proteins from routine and resistant samples in 40 seconds or less. Everytime!    Timeless Excellence Dependable and Robust Flexible range of sample ...
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VWR Scientific Branson Sonifier 450 with 102 CONVERTER

Quick Overview Designed for biological and liquid processing applications where precise control and parameter measurement are required. This unit is designed to apply high-frequency ultrasonic energ ...
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Kinematica PolyTron PT 2100 Homogenizer

The sturdy, powerful and versatile POLYTRON PT 2100 counts within the POLYTRON benchtop homogenizer systems for the laboratory range "small" (0.1 - 2000 ml) as the "STANDARD LINE" ...
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Polytron PT-MR 3100 Homogenizer

The Polytron PT 3000 homogenizer is for sample volumes of 0.5mL to 10L. Homogenizers are used to rapidly break down plant and animal tissue for chemical analysis, prepare emulsions and samples for tit ...
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Bertin Technologies Precellys 24 Lysis & Homogenizer

The Precellys24 can homogenize many different samples in 30 seconds. It possesses the unique automatic tube locking system, a real push-and-play system that makes the Precellys24 the easiest homogeniz ...
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Precellys Evolution

Precellys® Evolution is the universal tissue homogenizer gathering high flexibility and high efficiency for either routine or R&D projects The Precellys® Evolution offers optimal robust ...
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Stomacher/Seward Lab Blender

The Seward Stomacher 400 Circulator is the world's leading laboratory paddle blender for food microbiologists. The Stomacher Circulator principle improves organism recovery over older square paddl ...
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Features of homogenizers

Since there are so many different types and styles of homogenizers available today, the features actually vary quite a bit. There are handheld and bench top models available and the speeds within each can vary. The homogenizers will typically run between 5,000 and 30,000 RPM, but each model and style will be different. More features and options are being added to these devices all the time to make them even more useful to the scientific community.

How homogenizers work

homogenizer rentalAn ultrasonic homogenizer works by using a combination of force, high temperatures, and pressure caused through a process called acoustic cavitation. This causes small bubbles to form and grow, merge with one another, and finally collapse. This causes a shockwave that has enough energy to disrupt cells. Mechanical homogenizers are another option. They have several different styles readily available, including blade, rotor-stator, and bead mills. They use agitation of the samples and their grinding media, such as ceramic, to disrupt tissue of animals and plants, as well as microorganisms. The pressure homogenizers utilize pressure and the forces it creates as a means to disrupt the cells.

About homogenizers

Homogenizers can utilize one of several different methods to perform their tasks – pressure, ultrasonic, or mechanical means. Homogenization is a very important step when it comes to preparing samples when analyzing things such as pathogens, cells, protein, and nucleic acid. Since each of the methods of homogenization varies, it is important to understand a bit about each one before you can choose the best option for your rental.

Homogenizer Applications

  • Industrial laboratory
  • Research

Homogenizer Manufacturers

  • Branson Ultrasonics
  • Glas-Col, LLC
  • IKA Works
  • OMNI International
  • Pro Scientific
  • Stuart

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