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Considerations when renting or leasing a fume hood
When you are renting a fume hood, as with most lab equipment, you need to think about your primary need for it. What will you use the hood for in your lab? You have to make sure that the hood you choose will be able to meet and exceed those needs. Additionally, you need to consider the amount of space you have in the lab to make sure that the fume hood will fit properly. Finally, you will want to consider the exact type of hood to use – ducted or ductless. The ductless options tend to be easier to set up and use.
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Canadian Cabinets BM6-2A-49 Biological Laboratory Hood

CLASS II Type A Biological Safety Cabinet Front service access panel Large work volume with all coved stainless steel liner Removable stainless steel work tray with integral airfoil Knock d ...
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Labconco Protector XStream 6-foot Benchtop Fume Hood

Like New Labconco Protector XStream 6-foot Benchtop Chemical Fume Hood  Condition: Like New   Includes: Labconco Protector XStream 6-foot Benchtop Chemical Fume Hood Package Vertica ...
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Baker Company FS-4SC 4' Fume Hood

Quick Overview Pre-owned and in working condition   ...
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Labconco Xpert Balance Enclosure 3930300

Quick Overview  3 feet long  Weight: 135.0 lbs Weight metric: 61.0 kg Dimensions: 36"w x 29"d x 22.8"h Air Usage/Static Pressure with Sa ...
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Airfiltronix RF1000 Tabletop Cleanroom

Quick Overview • Reverses the usual airflow direction to create a dust-free work area  • Provides a particle and bacteria free work area  • HEPA filter is rated 99.9% effic ...
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Plas Labs 850-NB Nitrogen Dry Box

SKU - M3-16-06 Vendor Sku - 850-NB Model # - 850-NB Quick Overview • Pre-owned and in working condition • Completely enclosed chamber which is ideal for working in a preferred atmosph ...
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Baker Company SG 400 SterilGard Class II Type A/B3 Biological Lab Hood

Quick Overview • Features vertical laminar airflow and a front access opening • Designed to protect not only the environment and the people using the cabinet, but also the product within f ...
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Flow Sciences FS2015BK 3' VBSE BK Base

Flow Sciences FS2015BK 3' VBSE BK Base ...
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Airclean Systems AC200GSKTE Custom Enclosure

AirSafe™ automatic safety controller Available in standard height or tall version UVTect™ microprocessor controller Encloses equipment while retaining full operator access Full- ...
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4' Protector XL Benchtop Hood, 31.7" exterior depth, with 2 service fixtures and 1 GFCI duplex, 100-115V, 50/60 Hz

The Protector XL Benchtop Laboratory Hoods are general chemistry hoods that offer superior design flexibility. They are available in widths from 3 to 16 feet and three depths to meet a variety of inst ...
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Features of fume hoods

The fume hood is, at its most basic, a box where the lab personnel can temporarily store chemicals and other substances. They are able to work within the box. They are generally quite large, but the size can vary. They are usually available in different widths (1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, and 2000mm). The depth can vary as well. It is generally between 700mm and 900mm.

How fume hoods work

fume hood rentalBoth the re-circulating and ducted options work very similarly. They take in air from the outside. They then filter the air and expel it once it is safe. The difference is where that air goes. In the ducted hood, they expel the air out of the room and out of the building via ducts. The re-circulating fume hood is relatively new, and this actually filters the air so that it can go right back into the laboratory.

About fume hoods

A fume hood in the laboratory is one of the most essential safety items you can have. Another term for these items is fume hoods. They have five sides in the work area, and they allow for a limited amount of ventilation. When you are working with chemicals and fumes, which are toxic, this is very important. The same is true when you are working with elements that give off vapor or dust. It keeps those using the unit, and the others in the lab setting, safe. You will find two different basic types of fume hoods – ducted and re-circulating.

Fume Hood Applications

  • Industrial applications
  • Explosion protection
  • Spill contaminant
  • Testing
  • Research development

Fume Hood Manufacturers

  • Air Science
  • CIF Lab Solutions
  • Clean Air Products
  • ESCO
  • Flow Sciences
  • Genie Scientific
  • NuAire
  • The Baker Company
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific

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